Different types of lentils
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Five different types of lentils found around the world

Are you aware of the fact that there are five different types of lentils found around the world!!

Red lentils are very common and versatile in India, but do you know that there are many other types of lentils that are present worldwide? Don’t be shocked after hearing that all kinds of lentils are healthy in some or the other way. Yes, that’s true, and eventually, you can recognize it as the gift of nature. 

Each type of lentil is solely based upon the need and environment in which they are found. Consequently, they are adopted like that only. Today we will be knowing about all of them and will also know about their nutritive values. 

Nutritive value of red lentils:


1) Brown lentil 

brown lentils

This is available in India and likewise can be purchased from your nearer grocery store easily. This color of lentil is known for its earthiness and the absorption of spices readily, I.e., the way you want to cook it, it will get settled quickly. So you can enjoy it with a mixture like nonveg or can simply enjoy it solely also. 

2) Puy lentils 

Puy lentils

Although this isn’t native to India, you can purchase it from supermarket easily. Eventually, the land on which it is grown is of the USA. This lentil is known for its consistency and power for maintaining the shape throughout the cooking process. Also, there is one more interesting fact about it: it holds a unique peppery flavor, which helps enhance the aroma of your dish. 

3) Green lentil 

Green Lentils

This lentil is almost omnipresent and can be found in even the namkeens that we consume regularly. Again it also holds a unique pepper flavor, which enhances the ingredients with which it’s cooked. Generally, it’s used for making various salads or more on the warm and savory side. One interesting fact is that it’s the best among its group and well-known for its flavors and textures. 

4) Red and yellow lentils

red and yellow lentils

This lentil can easily be seen in the middle eastern countries and India as well. It’s not suitable for holding its shape, and thus when cooked, it turns ours into mushy and very soft texture. That’s why generally it’s used in preparing soups or stews etc. Basically, you can say that it’s used as the thickening agent for various liquid dishes. 

5) Beluga lentil 

Beluga Lentils

That’s totally different lentil from its group and eventually has got its name from the nearer resemblance from that of beluga caviar. Generally, you can find it in places with a cold and dry climate like Canada and northern America. However, it’s not very common as those of the other lentils mentioned above. 

Therefore this was a short description of various lentils, if you want to read about red lentil then you can visit the below-mentioned links: 

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