Facts about the herb sage (Salvia officinalis)

The herb as a simple ornamental plant

Sage is a type of Mediterranian herb with loads of benefits inherited in it. Although the plants appear to be wild, it had a very fascinating medicinal and culinary history. However, time evolved, and people started to believe in quicker ways rather than herbal. Thus, the significance of this plant got lost, and now it’s treated as a simple ornamental plant.

How does the sage plant look like?

The herb has round-ended leaves which could differ in size with the species. Ultimately, in the present time, you can see several colours in leaves such as purple, cream, yellow etc. The colour of the leaves is generally green with hair-like structures. That’s why they appear greyish green from the upper side while white from the bottom due to the tiny hairs.


Moreover, the flower is of three varieties: white, purple and pink with a base of 5 petals. Sometimes, its seen that the flower have patches like variation, which makes them look more beautiful. In contrast, the sepal portion of the flower is in the purplish shade with a Magenta hue. It thus supports the natural colour of the flower.

The uses of sage in the ancient and modern world:

As we have mentioned earlier that most of the use of the sage herb is related to cooking and medicinal. Therefore, we are going to see facts like that only!!

1) Sage as a combination with thyme, parsley and rosemary

Sage has a refreshing peppery flavour which makes it a perfect choice to go along with the rosemary, thyme and parsley. Generally, you can find this combination with the protein or in some sorts of salads also.


But if you are going to work with chicken then don’t forget to add some butter into it. Eventually, this will help you to uplift the dish in a very flavourful manner.

2) Goes right with the fishes

This recipe is embraced by the Italian people by adding sage as a condiment to their fishes. Generally, it’s used in a typical dish which is known as saltimbocca. However, the taste doesn’t end here, and thus you can use it with several other fishes too.

3) Sage could be the right choice for thanksgiving!

Generally, in American and British cooking, you can see the use of proteins, especially chicken and turkey. Eventually, they like to add some deep and authentic flavours to the dishes, that’s why they use herbs, spices and other earthy flavours. One such herb which is used readily with the other herbs is sage either for making the stuffing or for roasting purposes.

4) The herb is used for extracting the essential oils

Sage is used for extracting the essential oils due to its medicinal properties and richness with healing chemical compounds. That’s why it’s cultivated in large scale in many of the European countries for commercial purposes.


However, any such medicinal properties are not known during the current period.

Nutritional benefits:


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