Elephant foot yam: Prosperous vegetable for Laxmi puja
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Elephant foot yam: Prosperous vegetable for Laxmi puja

The role of elephant foot yam in our lives

If you have not eaten elephant foot yam, then after reading all these benefits hidden in this vegetable, you will surely try it for your kid and family. Today we will also be seeing how this vegetable played a role in the time of famine and poverty.

Elephant foot yam, also known as Zimmikanda, Ol, Oal, Batema, Chena, and Suran, is one of those dishes prepared on Laxmi puja or the day of Diwali. Eventually, there is a reason behind the fact that why it was valued so much by our family. Firstly, let’s know about the vegetable:

About the elephant foot yam

Elephant foot yam is found underground and is one of the largest from of tuber plant. Ultimately, its high with starch and other nutritional benefits, enabling a person to survive on it. Consequently, it’s brownish and can be easily availed from the markets at a reasonable rate.

Elephant foot yam: Prosperous vegetable for Laxmi puja

If we talk about the consistency so its kind of mushy similar to a potato. Also, it has a yellowish-brown core and works as one of the storage root, I.e., corm for a plant. Comparatively, it has a combined taste of jackfruit and a potato, thus enabling it to get easily mixed and blend with the spices.

The role of elephant foot yam for poor people:

As we have mentioned earlier, this vegetable is less costly and has a considerable amount of weight; thus, it was considered as the boon of god. Moreover, yam doesn’t require any efforts to be grown and cooked. That’s why it was also preferred by the majority of people. It’s known that this vegetable played a significant role in making the people live during the famine.

Elephant foot yam: Prosperous vegetable for Laxmi puja

Moreover, in current times also the significant sparse population tends to eat this vegetable. We all know that potato has the power to become an ideal food on which a person can survive for a considerable time. Similarly, yam has the inherent properties due to which a person can solely rely on it for a more extended period.

Tasty dishes if any?

In the current time, people like to have it in different ways, and thus every state has its own way of preparing the dish. Mostly, it’s famous in Kerala in the form of a tangy dish, which is made from lots of typical spices. Then comes the northern India where its mostly prepared during the day of worship.

Elephant foot yam: Prosperous vegetable for Laxmi puja

Also, in other states like Bihar, Jharkhand, and Gujarat, this vegetable is being loved by the people in different ways. Not only in India, but this vegetable is also eaten by the people in Western countries like Africa and Sout East Asia.

Nutritional benefits:

vitamin A221IUsodium8.0mgpotassium670mgprotein0.04mgcalcium56mg

Therefore, these were some historical and nutritious facts about elephant foot yam. If you have your suggestions, then do comment and tell us. Also, if you are new here, then please visit our site Agrovatika.com or once have a look upon the Facebook page. As you can find, all the spices, vegetables, grains, fruits, and lastly, some beneficial tips there.

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