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Dry mango powder (Amchur): Never to forget tanginess

Role of this tangy spice in our lives

Eventually, there are many suppliers for dry mango powder in the market. But we recommend you to make it by yourself as to its not that difficult for being prepared. This spice plays a crucial role in enhancing the taste of our dishes by giving it a nice citrusy touch.

It is prepared with the help of unripened mangoes, which are generally referred to as amiya in the local language. The prepared powder is pale yellow and has a lovely earthy fragrance that reminds of its taste. One benefit of this powder is that you can use it as a substitute for lemon as it provides almost the same feeling. 

Health benefits of dry mango powder 

There is a reason behind this spice for being among the spices used readily to prepare the gravy. Ultimately, there are certain benefits hidden inside it, making it the most crucial element for our diet.

It’s rich with various vitamins and biochemicals. Thus, helping to improve the daily functioning of our body. Also, it helps to protect us from different day to day diseases by providing us with much-needed immunity. 

1) Dry mango powder helps in improving the vision 

It’s highly essential to consume ingredients that are rich with vitamin a is it enhances the functioning of one of our sensory organs. Eventually, during this pandemic, everyone is working from home and is generally in front of screens.

Dry mango powder (Amchur): Never to forget tanginess

Whether it be kids or adults, everybody is utilizing the screen for more than 5 hours. This can cause severe damage to the eyes if not taken care of properly by providing healthy substitutes. That’s why it’s advised to have this spice in your diet. Ultimately, it is filled with vitamin A which is mainly known for benefitting our eyesight. 

2) Helps in improving the shine of our hairs 

Pollution is everywhere, and thus it has become impossible to take care of our hair by doing nothing. Eventually, in this need, you can consume this spice as it has an abundant amount of vitamin e present in it.

Consequently, vitamin e is known for nourishing the hair and making it more shiny and healthy. Thus, you could have stiff natural hairs without spending much on brands; however, the expected results would take some time. 

3) Dry mango powder aids scurvy and mouth health 

From our childhood, we have heard that the deficiency of vitamin c can cause scurvy causing problems with the gums. That could destroy your ability to eat your favorite food and thus will act as a black spot on your beauty.

Dry mango powder (Amchur): Never to forget tanginess

That’s why it’s essential to consume this spice regularly; however, you could also have lemon juice. It also works similarly, but you have to add it to your dishes from above. At the same time, it’s very citrusy and sour, thus making amchur a better choice. 

4) Treats acne and pimple 

During our teenage, we suffer from many breakouts and blackheads on our skin, which goes away by leaving the scars. If these scars are not taken care of at the right time, they could become a lifetime burden on your skin.

Eventually, the flavonoids and alkaloids present in dried mango powder help in removing these scars. Also, it helps to decrease acne’s rate, thus eliminating the problem from the root itself. 

Nutritional benefits: 

vitamin C16.1mgpotassium454mgvitamin A55mcgsodium6mgiron0.38mg

Therefore, these were some fun facts about dry mago powder, making it a need in daily routine. If you want to know more such facts, then visit our website as soon as possible. Also, you can follow back us on Facebook to receive all the latest updates. 

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