different types of salads with great burnet
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Different types of salads with Sanguisorba(Great burnet)

Sanguisorba belongs to the family of roses

Before eating great burnet, you should know about the herb plant burnet and then only you can consume it in your diet. Eventually, Sanguisorba belongs to the family of roses. Thus it has a lovely small several pinkish colour flowers on it. You can generally find this flower in the northern hemisphere as the climatic conditions for this plant are optimum there.  

The uses of great burnet:

Eventually, the taste and crunchiness of leaves are like cucumber, and that’s why its mainly used for preparing the salads. Another fact is that these leaves are dried and used for making tea.

Also, at the same time, it has many medicinal uses. In Asia and Europe, this herb has a considerable amount of commercial use. Now, after knowing a highlight about this herb, let’s understand about the salads. 

1) Afghan salad with great burnet

This salad has a nice earthy flavour which could surely give your taste buds a quick touch of afghani food. 

Afghan salad with great burnet

IngredientsTomato, onion, great burnet, cilantro, carrot, mint and lastly lemon juice to provide a citrusy taste. 

2) Bean salad 

This salad is a healthy alternative for you with loads of vegetative protein-filled in it. 

Bean salad

Ingredients: Cooked green beans, burnet, kidney beans, beetroot, chickpeas and lastly extra virgin olive oil and sugar for dressing. 

3) Celery victor with great burnet

Celery victor with great burnet

Ingredients: Sanguisorba, tinder part of celery, some chicken stock, mild peppers or achiote for more spiciness and then toss it with citrus or vinegar. 

4) Chicken salad 

This salad could be the best choice after a tiring gym day. Eventually, when you are tired and want to have some good energy then try this out.

Chicken salad

Ingredients: It’s your choice as you can add chicken in almost any salad, mayonnaise or any cheese sauce and great burnet. If you want you can add cherry tomato also to enhance the taste and colour. 

5) Garden salad with great burnet

Lots of leaves would offer you a significant amount of fibre, thus keeping your overall body healthy by relieving you from stomach issues. 

Garden salad with great burnet

Ingredients: Sanguisorba or lettuce or iceberg, and for adding some flavours you can top it with cherry tomatoes, carrot, cucumber, onion, bell papers and mushrooms. 

6) Greek salad 

This salad could be a healthy leafy choice which would offer you a nice cheesy salad. It could undoubtedly help to get over with the hangover of cheese with some healthiness. 

Greek salad

Ingredients: Green bell pepper, tomato, cubed or sliced feta cheese, cucumber, Sanguisorba and kalamata olives. Lastly, for seasoning just give it a touch of oregano, salt, olive oil and black pepper

7) Lablab with great burnet

This salad could be a delicious choice for your beach day or swimming whenever you are planning to have a vacation with your family. 

Lablab with great burnet

Ingredients: Cucumber, burnet or lettuce, fried green beans, lemon, tomato, basil and lastly a shrimp and chilli paste known as sambal terasi

8) Panzanella 

This Tuscan styled salad goes best with any bread, so if you are in the mood of having something light as bread, then go on with this salad. 


Ingredients: Fresh tomatoes, salt, black pepper, vinegar, basil and Sanguisorba. 

Nutritional benefits: 


Therefore, these were the ingredients for some tasty salads which you should try out in this quarantine. Moreover, if you want to explore more such healthy recipes and facts about various crops, then visit our website Agrovatika.com. Lastly, don’t forget to have a quick look upon our Facebook page as we have got some new updates for you. 

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