cream of tartar
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Cream of Tartar: A difference in cooking and baking

Cream of tartar is not a cream!!

If you are a MasterChef fan then surely you must have seen the cream of tartar many a time. But due to the lack of correct knowledge, you won’t be able to analyse what’s is that. So let us know about this powder, how it is used and what are its benefits.

Cream of tartar is not a cream like its name but its something related to the creamy texture. It is a powder which also looks like baking soda or baking powder but its not among them too. Eventually, it’s a powdered form of yeast which is manufactured with the fermenting of grape.

In a more precise way, you can say it’s a byproduct of the fermentation process. Moreover, it is of white colour similar to the soda, and that’s why sometimes it creates confusion. When its fresh then the smell of this powder is somewhat acidic. Also, it has a beautiful white colour to its every granule.

Cream of tartar: a wonder product for the meringues

Meringues are the small cookie shaped structure which is made with the help of whipped egg white. However, if you want, you can make cookies out of it which are known as macarons. Now beating egg into foam is not that easy process because it can take an hour. Primarily, it’s the most hectic work when you don’t have a beater at your home, and you have to blend it with the hand.

Cream of Tartar: A difference in cooking and baking

In that situation comes the role of cream of tartar; ultimately, it speeds up the whole whipping process to a certain extent where your time reduces to half. So now you can quickly whip the egg without even thinking twice. However, you can use this type of egg for many other culinary purposes like baking, omellete etc.

Some facts about the cream of tartar:

1) Want to have bright-looking boiled vegetables then add cream of tartar about ½ a pinch and see the colour later. Likewise, you would be able to make bright-looking soups and stews for your family.

2) Irritated with the non-stabilizing heavy cream then mix a pinch of it into the cream. With this method, you could hold this process to some extent.

Cream of Tartar: A difference in cooking and baking

3) When keeping for a long time, then store it at a cool place as like this you would increase its shelf life. Else, it will lose its ability to elevate your recipe by providing extra fluffiness.

4) If you don’t have the cream of tartar in need, then don’t worry and just mix 2 teaspoons of vinegar or lemon juice in its place. This substitute works as for 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar.

Nutritional benefits:

sodium52mgpotassium16500mgcalcium8mgiron3.72mgdietary fibre0.2g

Therefore, these were some culinary facts about the cream of tartar, and I am sure that now you won’t feel any hesitation while working with it. If you want to make a more substantial base in different food items as we have got many such food items there. Also, you can follow us back on Facebook as there too, we have got the latest updates.

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