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Confused between Anise or any other spice?

Are you confused between the Anise or any other spice? then you should read here to solve your doubts!

Anise, Aniseed, or in Hindi, you can say (mauti sauf) is not very common in our kitchen. But then it’s used in many delicacies to enhance its flavors. Eventually, the sweet taste of this spice has to enhance the aroma of almost any dish. However, many people always tend to be confused between anise and star anise. Don’t worry as we are here now, and consequently, we will be discussing it only. 

Difference between star anise and anise? 

Star anise 

Its mainly grown in China and is cultivated for many commercial purposes due to its lower prices. Another factor is that it can be used for extracting the oil the same as to that of aniseed. Ultimately, they both have almost similar chemicals. But this spice is different and belongs to a different family with a contrasting flavor. 

Anise Seed


Whereas it is mainly grown in European countries and sometimes you can find it near other Mediterranian countries also. Eventually, the plant is different, and so do its taste. Thus, its mainly used for culinary purposes. Moreover, it is also used to extract oil, but it is expensive, that’s why we use a cheaper alternative. 

Anise or cumin? 

Aniseed and cumin have almost the same shapes, but then if you come on identifying, it varies with the size a bit. Eventually, anise is a bit thick compared to the size of cumin. Where it has a sweet flavor, cumin is used in spices. Moreover, it has an earthy taste with many nutritional properties. 

benefits of Anise

Anise or fennel? 

This is also a matter of concern, as they are almost identical. The reason behind this is the belongings from the same family. However, here too, the taste of both differs from each other. Eventually, it is used for the spice purpose, and fennel is served as a vegetable. 

Moreover, at last I just wanted to say that:

Anise is that spice only, which we generally use with Mishri as a mouth freshener when we visit any restaurant!! I guess this would satisfy your knowledge!! 

Nutritional benefits: 


Therefore, I guess that now your doubts must be clear between the anise and various other similar looking food ingredients. We all know the universal fact that it mainly includes spices. Also, I must say that if you still have any doubt, then you can write the name of that spice on the box. That would be much simpler for you to identify !!

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