Clear fluid diet is recommended when you have acute illness or surgery procedure is done and there is no proper digestion of food.

It is advisable to restrict the intake of food.

This diet (clear fluid diet) is made up of clear liquids that leaves no residue, and it is non-gas forming , non-irritating and non-stimulating to diuretics action.

This diet is entirely inadequate from nutritional stand point since it is deficient in protein, minerals, vitamins and calories.

It should not be continued for more than 24-48 hours.

The amount of fluid is usually restricted to 30-60 ml per hour at first, with gradually increasing amounts being given as the patients tolerance improves.

This diet gives 600-800 kcal and no proteins.

Clear Fluid Diet is Suggested when –

  • An acute infection before diagnosis.
  • In acute inflammatory conditions of intestinal tract.
  • To supply the tissues with water.
  • To add in the removal of gas.
  • Following operations upon the colon or rectum when it is deserved to present evacuation from the bowel.

List of Foods recommended are :

  • Water
  • Fruit juice ( without pulp )
  • Coconut juice
  • Vegetable juice ( without pulp )
  • Barley water
  • Tea or coffee ( without milk or cream )
  • Carbonated beverages

Diet Plan for Clear Liquid Diet

Time Food itemsQuantity
6 am clear orange juice200 ml
8 amclear coconut juice200 ml
10 amclear watermelon juice200 ml
12 pmclear rice water200 ml
2 pmclear apple juice 200 ml
4 pm clear tomato juice 200 ml
6 pm clear pomegranate juice200 ml
8 pmclear dal water200 ml
10 pmclear barley water200 ml
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