cilantro; the sister of coriander
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Cilantro: The twin sister of fresh green herb coriander

In India, we generally use coriander, but in western counties, we have cilantro: the twin sister of fresh green herb coriander!

You all must be experienced with the herb coriander, its taste, and many other factors about it. Similar to that, in cilantro, only the name is changed; the rest of all properties usually remain the same. Eventually, that’s why today we won’t be telling you much about its taste and all.

Our today’s interaction is combined with various unknown factors that would help you. These factors won’t only work with coriander and cilantro, but also you can utilize it with any other green vegetables. Eventually, here we are taking the reference of green leafy vegetables. I hope you must have got my point.

Our chef moms, let’s not take your time as you have much other work to do; let’s begin with today’s pro tips.

Rule 1) How to use cilantro

Cilantro: The twin sister of fresh green herb coriander

Remember to use it at the end of the cooking or while you are serving the dish—the reason being the fact that this herb is very soft and tender. When it’s dropped in the food earlier, then it generally loses its shape and aroma. Thus left of no use rather than just adding a green leathery leaf texture to your meal.

Rule 2) How to save your money with cilantro.

Do you know this fact that this is among the items that could be a part of your kitchen garden? Although the kitchen garden is a hefty word if you don’t have one. Suppose you want to just save your money with it, then you can easily plant in one of your pots. Eventually, you don’t have to put in much effort, and at the same time, you can have it whenever you want.

Rule 3) Avoid using branches

Branches are known to have a subtle flavor that could ruin the aroma of your dish. Hence it’s recommended that when you are using any of the two, always separate its branches first. Wash it properly and then chop off the leftover material that you have planned to use. Moreover, the unused portion of your stem could be replanted in a pot for growing it so that you can reuse it.

Rule 4) Never over chop

Cilantro: The twin sister of fresh green herb coriander

While chopping any vegetable, we usually think we are a chef, or we are in a hurry and hence hold the whole bunch and chop it at once. Come on, that’s the silliest mistake you could ever do with your soft herb. Always remember that you should cut it softly with the help of a sharp knife so that you have a nice chop. Overdone or bruised chop is nothing but a waste for your dish.

Nutritional benefits:

Calcium67mgIron1.77mgPotassium521mgsodium46mgvitamin k310mcg

Therefore, these were some rules that you should keep in mind while chopping any leafy vegetable. Also, to know such pro tips about various food items, visit our website as there you can find the right content based on your needs.

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