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Cheers to the hot cup of Kadha, the ancient drink!!

In this world of strepsils and Vicks, people have forgotten to say cheers to the hot cup of Kadha, the ancient drink. This word Kadha has made its way for ages. People like us might have heard it last time when we were small kids. The year’s passed like this and cough, sore throat ended up is also becoming a business.
Now people have become so busy that they don’t even look once for home remedies. They simply go out to spend money on a medical story for buying tablets.

For refreshing the last long memory, today, we are here with you for sharing some exciting facts about kadha. In the end, we will also discuss the recipe for preparing the kadha by yourself at home.

1)Kadha makes our body strong

The ones who have tasted the kadha before must know the fact that it’s made from several herbal remedies. If you have forgotten about it then don’t worry as at the end we will discuss it.

So the herbal ingredient used in preparing it helps in enriching our immune system with several essential nutrients. In return, these nutrients help in making our body resistant to several diseases.

2)It’s one of the oldest remedies

how to make kadha

According to scientists, kadha dates back to almost 500 years. Due to the combination of trusted herbal ingredients, this remedy was known as best for its result. That’s the reason why it has flowed from such a long generation.

3)It’s considered as the mixture of undrinkable herbal spices

During our ancestors, there was a time when people were so literate to invent such kinds of herbal remedies. Eventually, they gave birth to one of the most recommended medicines like kadha. Although the idea behind inventing it was that a person could have the advantages of plants like ginger,giloy, etc.

Recipe for making kadha

Although it can be prepared from three different methods, but today we will discuss one of the most praised methods for preparing this remedy.

Ingredients required for preparing it: (either whole or powder both work)

interesting facts about kadha

1 tbsp cinnamon ( dalchini
1 tbsp black pepper (kali Mirch)
Few pieces of munakka ( raisins)
Fresh lemon juice (according to the taste)
1 tbsp basil leaves (tulsi)
1 tbsp dried ginger (south)
2 to 3 cups of water accordingly

Recipe for preparing kadha:

a) If you are taking whole black pepper and cinnamon, then grind it for making a powder.

b) Take a pan, put 2 to 3 glasses of water and keep it on the stove so that it can boil properly.

c) Once the water starts boiling just before that add fresh basil leaves. Leave it like that for 5 minutes so that it could release its juice.

d) Now add black pepper powder( or you can crush the whole) and dried ginger powder into that boiling water.

e) For adding a natural sweet flavour add raisins into the boiling water. This depends upon your taste and how you want to enjoy it.

f) Boil the mixture until the water turns down into half.

Once done then you can put in a few drops of lemon juice for enhancing the taste. And then lastly serve it hot to the one for whom you have prepared this natural herbal home remedy.

Nutrients benefits:


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