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Catnip: An ancient herb adored by cats?

Cats love playing with the catnip!

Catnip is amongst those herbs which are loved by the cats so if you have a cat at your home then you should have this herb in your pot. It will help to enhance the mood of your cat, and she would love to play with it in all the possible ways.

However, these symptoms are majorly present in the aged cats because of the full development of senses. But what’s the thing inside it which makes it so fascinating?

The reason behind the cat love for catnip?

Catnip has a type of essential oil which emits a smell, and due to that smell, the cute little cats get attracted to them. Since the essential oils are a concentrated part of the plant so it could be harmful for the overconsumption by the animals also. But in the case of catnip, this goes opposite as they could easily chew up this perennial herb and it won’t harm them.

Catnip: An ancient herb adored by cats?

Eventually, don’t overthink about their eating as they are intelligent to understand the right amount for consuming. However, don’t forget to keep an eye on them because sometimes they aren’t able to analyse the amount. Ultimately, this causes a problem of stomach problems to many of the breeds.

Other old-time uses of catnip:

1) Catnip works as a natural insect repellant

These days many insect repellants are present in the market which has a considerable effect on the insects. However, the over smelling of them could be harmful to a human being as they are chemicals only. Apart from them, some people are also having respiratory problems or allergies from such repellants.

Catnip: An ancient herb adored by cats?

So, in that case, you can take the natural path by using this herb; ultimately, catnip is the proven insect repellant from ancient times. However, it doesn’t have any effect when applied on the skin.

2) It was drunk as tea and juice

In ancient times, people utilized this herb for drinking purposes like juice and te. Howver, this habit doesn’t last for long as after that, many ingredients were developed for the same.

Consequently, they were being used for preparing beverages and thus, people slowly forgot about this herb. In the present time, there is no mention of drinking it; eventually, its famous for the cats.

3) Catnip had many medicinal values

This herb was being utilized for treating people from many diseases. However, at the present time, the world has developed, and so their needs are being changes. But in the older era, humans use to use it for the smoking purposes, wound healing, preparation of healing paste etc.

Catnip: An ancient herb adored by cats?

Moreover, now there are no such uses mentioned, maybe the essential oils must be used commercially. Rest if you want then you can surely have this herb for your cats.

Nutritional benefits

iron12.2mgvitamin A3720IUcalcium344mgprotein9gdietary fibre17.4g

Therefore, these were some ancient uses of catnip which is famous for cats in the modern world. If you want to know more about such types of herb, then visit our website Also, have a quick look upon our Facebook page as we have got some trendy updates for our viewers there.

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