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    Edible Mushrooms for Immunity and health

    Edible Mushrooms for Immunity and health-With numerous varieties of mushrooms, the possibilities of experimenting are endless. Mushrooms have benefits like controlling weight and lowering cancer risk. This blog “Edible Mushrooms for Immunity and health” focuses on the nutrition and health benefits of mushrooms. They have a higher number of Vitamins and Minerals. Add them in your soups, Meals, and pasta to increase immunity. For more information about the nutrition, chart see this. 1. White Button This is the most common mild-tasting mushrooms which can also be eaten raw. You can add them to soups and pasta for good taste and flavor. They contain Vitamin-B and are a good provider of…

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    Say yes to the bitter king

    -by R.K.Kritinesha The Bitter gourd is the most bitter vegetable in the world.They are also called Bitter melon in some parts of the world. Its scientific name called Momordica Charantia,it belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, which is a climbing vine.It was originated in the areas of eastern India and now widely grown in places like India, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. This history of the plant also tells us its great importance since the 14th century and why we need to intake such a bitter vegetable. Why are they so bitter? As they are ranked the most bitter vegetable, have you ever wondered why are they so bitter?.well they contain…

  • Immune Boosters,  Vegetables to boost immune

    Some unknown traditional facts about chilli!!

    Chilli is a vegetable that has only ended up being a taste giver but do you know about some unknown traditional facts about chilli. People only remember it for adding spiciness into their food. Nobody bothers about what was the actual existence of chilli pepper(we are not talking about the hardworking chefs!!). Basically, it was found out by our ancestors who migrated from place to place in search of taste and food. Like fire, they experimented with many things and then concluded about its actual utilization. Further, the time moved on and people ended up being so busy that they forgot about their own traditions. Although we are not targeting…

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    Immune Booster recipe,  Immune Boosters,  Vegetables to boost immune

    Petha: an ancient sweet originating from ash gourd

    Many of us have heard about Petha: an ancient sweet originating from ash gourd. But we don’t consider studying the insights about such delicious desserts. This sweet has taken over the heart of the people for quite a long time. That’s why it was able to carry over its journey from the ancient period till now. And we believe that it will be like that for the next few years although the years are uncountable. But still, this guess was just a random one and petha lovers, please don’t get angry on me.  Coming to the main point, only a few people might know that it is actually made from…

  • Health benefits of conuming celery
    Immune Boosters,  Vegetables to boost immune

    Some unknown healthy facts of eating celery

    So today also we are going to pick a variant “green vegetable” and will know about healthy facts of eating celery. Well, you must have already identified the name of the vegetable from the title itself. That’s why without wasting much time, let’s get started about celery. Therefore, firstly we will have a look upon the benefits of celery, and then we will know that it protects us from several diseases. Health benefits of consuming celery: Basically, this vegetable can become love for the people who love to eat a crunchy vegetable. As this veggie can provide you a crunch in its every bite like carrot did. However not only…

  • Benefits of adding broccoli in your bag
    Immune Booster recipe,  Immune Boosters,  Vegetables to boost immune

    Benefits of adding broccoli in your bag

    Benefits of broccoli-In this pandemic situation, it is good to invest in good immunity providing fruits and veggies. Usually, we bring fruits like Tomatoes and Potatoes since they are easy to find and we know a plethora of recipes to relish them. Often we ignore vegetables like Broccoli because they are not easily found in the local markets and we are not well aware of the recipes we can make with it. Broccoli comes from the cabbage family and is one of the nutrient-rich vegetables that fight various diseases. The photochemical present in broccoli can boost immunity to a higher level. It also provides collagen to your skin that helps…

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    Healthful advantages of consuming leek!!

    There are healthful advantages of consuming leek. It belongs to the family of onion, the Green vegetable leek. Ultimately, it hasn’t left behind the league of being healthy for quite a long time. Eventually, it is one of the best sources for several nutrients. These nutrients help us in keeping our bodies fully nourished by fighting with harmful diseases. That’s why today we are to talk about some unknown facts about this veggie. Knowing more about a vegetable helps in developing a keen interest in it. And that’s what we are here for, so without wasting your much time, let’s get started. 1)Leek helps in losing a considerable amount of…

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    Immune Booster recipe,  Immune Boosters,  Vegetables to boost immune

    What does Beetroot do to you- Beetroot for your body

    What does Beetroot do to you- Beetroot for your body-Beetroot is often ignored or restricted as a vegetable. Many of us don’t even like the sound of it. But beetroot has many advantages and it does so much for our body. This blog “What does Beetroot do to you- Beetroot for your body” helps you know more about beetroot. Let’s know a bit history of beetroot. It was cultivated by Romans first. But by the end of the 19th century, it became popular because of the sweetness and the flavor in it. Many believed that it can be converted into pink sugar for regular use.  Major countries like the USA and…

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    Sweet little balls of green leafy Brussels sprouts

    Many of you might get confused between the distinct Sweet little balls of green leafy Brussels sprouts. Although they all look the same, then several different properties differentiate Brussels sprouts from each other. That’s the topic today for which we are here with you!! Today we will be telling you about the very historic green vegetable, Brussels sprouts recipes. However, Brussels sprouts look like cabbage, kale, or other leafy vegetables. But it has such properties due to which today’s generation cannot resist eating it. Why Brussels sprouts and not any other vegetable? We are not saying you to have only Brussels, leaving behind all other green vegetables. But yes you…

  • Lemons for Immunity
    Fruits to boost immune,  Immune Boosters,  Vegetables to boost immune

    When Life Gives You Lemons!!- Lemons for Immunity

    When Life Gives You Lemons!!- Lemons for Immunity- When hearing the word “Lemon” You may remember Pablo Neruda’s ‘Ode to a lemon’: Lemons for Immunity But there are reasons for us to be proud of Lemon. This fruit is used to enhance everything from tip to toe. Lemons are also used for hair, skin, fragrance, tea, food, and many more. The entire fruit from peel to the pulp is packed with many nutrients. Lemons are high in Vitamin-C and are kings of boosting immunity. Just a glass of lemon water with honey in the morning gives fascinating results. With high anti-oxidants, they can help you with many other things like…

  • Capsicum recipe
    Immune Booster recipe,  Immune Boosters,  Vegetables to boost immune

    Tasty capsicum recipes for cute little kids

    Tasty Capsicum recipes for cute little kids could be hard for you to make as kids are very notorious and don’t love it. We understand the pain of all the mothers who try their best to make their kids eat capsicum. But sadly, all kids are like Shinchan, and none of them like eating capsicum. For helping our powerful mother’s out, today we are here with some finger-licking tasty capsicum recipes. Without wasting your much time, let’s have a quick look at the delicious capsicum recipes itself. 1) Vibrant capsicum raita Many of you might have heard about cucumber raita, but do you know you can also use capsicum in…

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