• Bolivian rose salt
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    Facts about the Bolivian rose salt

    The beautiful rose coloured salt Bolivian rose salt or you can say Bolivian rose Andes mountain salt is a type of salt extracted from the rocks of Andes mountain, which is situated in Bolivia. Now it’s the magic of the nature that the mined salt is of a beautiful rose colour. This happens because of the minerals present in the rock ore. And like this by constituting every element, this salt got its name. Eventually, this salt is not explored in the modern world, and thus it’s being mentioned in ancient history.  Does Bolivian rose salt cause any allergies?  Fortunately, this salt is accessible to all types of people, and…

  • types of black salt
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    The three types of black salt used worldwide

    A quick introduction for the salts Till now we have been using I guess 4 types of black salt in our lives for the whole year (here I am talking about a typical Indian family and if you have used more then kudos!) mainly:  Black salt ( Kala namak)  Regular salt (table salt)  Rock salt (sendha namak)  Himalayan pink salt (sea salt)  However, today I am going to add three more names to this list of commonly added salts to know about them. And if in future want to use them then could no about them properly without any further doubts.  1) Black lava salt  Like its name itself, this…

  • health benefits of amchur
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    Dry mango powder (Amchur): Never to forget tanginess

    Role of this tangy spice in our lives Eventually, there are many suppliers for dry mango powder in the market. But we recommend you to make it by yourself as to its not that difficult for being prepared. This spice plays a crucial role in enhancing the taste of our dishes by giving it a nice citrusy touch. It is prepared with the help of unripened mangoes, which are generally referred to as amiya in the local language. The prepared powder is pale yellow and has a lovely earthy fragrance that reminds of its taste. One benefit of this powder is that you can use it as a substitute for lemon as it…

  • facts about alligator pepper
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    Health benefits of alligator pepper

    About the grains of paradise Alligator pepper is one among the healthiest medicinal spice which is used by the people in western countries. Eventually, it has so many names like mbongo spice, melegueta pepper, guinea paper. Its also known as hepper pepper, Afrika kakulesi, ginny pepper, and atare. However, the most famous name of this spice is grains of paradise. This spice gives a strong peppery taste with its every seed. Eventually, it’s enclosed in a fruit-like structure, which is often dried before being used. Ultimately, this flower is bright red when its fresh; however, once it dries off, it turns into the brownish shade.  How does it get its…

  • Cayenne Peppers for immunity: Potential benefits
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    Cayenne Peppers for immunity: Potential benefits

    Potential Benefits of Cayenne Peppers Cayenne Peppers are quite common in Indian households. They have been used for many generations. A meal without peppers is nearly incomplete., but what we need to know is about the science and potential benefits behind it. In this blog “Cayenne Peppers for immunity: Potential benefits” we can know more about chilies vitamin C 76.4mg vitamin A 2081mcg potassium 2014mg iron 7.8mg calcium 148mg Cayenne Peppers are great immune boosters and should not be neglected. They also help with weight loss. They have lots of anti-oxidants present, which prevents Cancers. Cayenne Peppers are also great for relieving throat problems. They also have anti-inflammatory properties. Cayenne…

  • weight loss with sea salt
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    Weight loss with the salt water flush

    What is salt water flush?  Salt water flush is a process through which you could flush out harmful chemicals or radicals that aren’t aiding you for weight loss. Eventually, this remedy is for the deep cleaning of the colon. Thus, helps in removing the unhealthy accumulated detoxifiers from the body. You can consider it another weight loss drink that could help you remove overall dirt from inside the body.  Why does salt water flush work for our body?  We all know that the colon has an effect on our whole body functioning, and thus it’s vital to keep it healthy if you want to be healthy. Keeping the colon clean…

  • Achiote: The perfect condiment for color and flavor
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    Achiote: The perfect condiment for colour and flavour

    The famous mexican spice It is one of the most popular Mexican peppery flavour spice which is used for many purposes. The achiote pods are also known as annatto seeds in common language among the Mediterranean and Caribbean countries. How is achiote extracted? Achiote is extracted from the flowers of a tree, which is mainly known for growing this condiment. Eventually, the flowers are of bright red or scarlet color and somewhat look like wild roses. Although they have kind of a hairy texture and seems very beautiful while having a closure view. Eventually, this flower ripes to produce a fruit inside which approx 50 seeds can be seen at…

  • healthy heart
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    HEALTHY HEART:Diet tips for Cardiovascular Disease

    What is a heart-healthy diet? Healthy heart help us to avoid serious heart diseases. Heart disease is the leading killer of men and women—and claims more lives than all forms of cancer combined. Being diagnosed with cardiovascular disease can also take an emotional toll, affecting your mood, outlook, and quality of life. While weight control and regular exercise are critical for keeping your heart inshape,the food you eat can matter just as much. In fact, along with other healthy lifestyle choices, a heart-healthy diet may reduce your risk of heart disease or stroke by 80%. No single food can make you magically healthy, so your overall dietary pattern is more…

  • Cumin or Jeera for weight loss and health
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    Cumin or Jeera for weight loss and health

    Potential Benefits of Cumin / Jeera Cumin is known for its weight loss techniques. Cumin can be taken in the form of water, supplements, and spice. It is mostly included in Asian cuisine and has many benefits. In this blog “Cumin or Jeera for weight loss and health” we will know more about the potential benefits. sodium 168mg potassium 1788mg zinc 4.8mg magnesium 931mg vitamin C 7.7mg Cumin is known for promoting healthy weightloss. For more information see this. It is packed with many nutrients and is a great immune booster. With higher levels of allicin ., it also helps in regulating cholesterol. It prevents various types of cancers. Helps…

  • Delicious mutton with taro(arvi) recipe
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    Delicious mutton with taro(arvi) recipe

    Benefits of using taro Taro, also known as colocasia, arvi, arbi, and ghuiya, is a form of storage root used by our mothers to prepare tasty dishes. Eventually, it’s sticky and kind of mushy like a potato, so it’s advised not to overcook it.  It’s brownish and is similar to the tuber root but has a different taste, distinguishing it from others. In the present time, there are hundreds of dishes that could be easily prepared out of it. But amongst them, the most famous one is dried, with meat and gravy.  Moreover, taro could be easily availed from the market and generally present throughout the year. It’s high with…

  • top health stories about tamarind
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    Top health stories about Tamarind

    Potential benefits of Tamarind Tamarind is a spice that is mostly used in flavoring. It is used in limited quantities because of the tangy flavor. In this blog “Top health stories about Tamarind,” we will know more about tamarind and its potential benefits. Tamarind pulp also has many benefits and is used for metal polish. sodium 28mg selenium 1.3mcg calcium 74mg copper 0.86mg iron 2.8mg Nutrition per 100g Tamarind improved digestion and is a natural laxative. It also lowers bad cholesterol and combines bile salts. The tartaric acid present in Tamarind has anti-oxidant properties. It has the ability to fight cancers. Tamarind is great for health and overall body. Although…

  • Horseradish is actually not a radish vegetable?
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    Is horseradish not a radish vegetable?

    The actual use is as condiment! People often get confused with the name of horseradish that it may be a vegetable like a radish. But the truth is that it’s not and you don’t have to get confused with the name. Horseradish is basically a storage type of root which is used as a condiment. Condiment here doesn’t mean that it’s a kind of spice, but eventually, it’s used in certain sauces to enhance their taste. However, if you want to consume its single version, then you can add it to the vinegar and use it. Else, you can add it to some sort of gravy by either grating it…

  • A tasty recipe for preparing Snake gourd
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    A tasty recipe for preparing Snake gourd

    I am sure that once you will know a tasty recipe for preparing Snake gourd, you would surely make it on most of the weekends!!  Snake gourd, sometimes also known as chinchinda, is amongst the most nutritious vegetable. But being the green vegetable is a tough job as its hard to convince people to eat it. That’s why today we have to bring delicious and easy to make snake gourd vegetables. Eventually, it could be prepared on any occasion, whether it daily routine or festival. So, on this festival of Raksha Bandhan, let’s learn recipe without wasting much time.  Ingredients to prepare bharwa snake gourd  Bharwa actually means filled with…

  • clove
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    Cloves: Benefiting Health in a Sweet and Spicy Way

    Cloves are warming and invigorating that stimulate the senses and speed up body functions. Their healing ability is legendary, finding use in a wide range of holistic applications. In India, where you need no excuse to grab a cup of tea, it becomes very important for us to be mindful of the ingredients used. Tea in itself makes for a very healthy beverage, but the moment you throw in sugar cubes, it starts to lose out on nutrition. Thankfully, there are many ways you can ‘enhance’ the tea drinking experience for you and you need not even look further than your personal kitchen cabinet! Yes! Exactly you heard us right.…

  • Coriander for Immunity and overall health
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    Coriander for Immunity and overall health

    Coriander is usually used as a spice and its usage is limited in our households. It is often used in topping dishes. Known for its unique flavor and medical properties it is now used by many health enthusiasts. In this blog “Coriander for Immunity and overall health” we will know more about Coriander and its beneficial properties. Coriander for Immunity: Nutrition and Health Sodium 46mg Potassium 521mg Protein 2.1g Calcium 67mg Iron 1.77mg 220 Nutrition per 100g Coriander leaves have many medicinal properties and benefits. They are a pack of nutrients that help in boosting immunity. They also help in preventing diabetes and maintains blood sugars. Since they are high…

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    What do you know about sunflower seeds?

    Seeds are one of the best ways to prevent heart and diverticular diseases. Sunflower seeds are one of them which can serve this benefit immensely. Sunflower seeds are obtained from the sunflower plant at the very first stage of the plant growth. There are three types of sunflower seeds: 1.Linoleic: Which are polyunsaturated 2.High oleic: Which are monounsaturated Linoleic and high oleic seeds play a major role in preventing cardiovascular diseases. 3.oil seeds: Which is saturated, and is pressed to form oil and serves the main purpose in cooking. Sunflower seeds are rich in beneficial nutrients, but also need to be consumed in moderate amounts. They can be eaten raw,…

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    Sunflower seeds

    Sweet, nutty sunflower seeds are an excellent source of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Sunflower kernels actually employed to extract edible oil at commercial levels. Besides being eaten as popular snacks, they are also used in the kitchen to prepare a variety of recipes. These seeds are rich in oil, it is the healthy form of plant oil that provides your body with polyunsaturated fats. Sunflower seeds also contain dozens of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. Nutrient value Calories 584 kcl Total Fat 51 gm 65 %  Saturated Fat 4.5 gm 22 % Sodium 9 mg 0 % Total Carbohydrate 20 gm 7 %  Dietary Fiber 8.6 gm 31 % Sugar 2.6 gm – Protein 21 gm 42 % Calcium 78.00 mg 6 % Iron 5.25 mg 29 % Potassium 645 mg…

  • Facts about mustard seeds
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    Mustard seeds (Rai): Good to go seed with any dish!!

    Mustard seeds or commonly referred to as “rai ka dana,” is a very popularly used culinary seed as its good to go seed with any dish. Not only in India, but these seeds are also used in other western countries like Canada, China, etc. The plant from which these seeds are extracted is a part of the rabi crop or winter season crop. Eventually, this plant is mostly found in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh due to the favorable soil and weather conditions.  The seeds extracted from the plant is typically of three variants:  Brown   Black  White  Moreover, the variation in color tends to change its flavor also. Hence the more…

  • Tasty recipes from dried finger powder
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    Home remedies of Dried ginger powder in pandemic

    These must-try home remedies of Dried ginger powder in pandemic could create wonders for your health!! Day to day the things are getting worse and worse, and the rate of patients is also increasing in the same way. Eventually, no one is there to help you in this condition, and you have to understand this fact as soon as possible. For this, you have to take care of specific points which have been told by the government earlier. Among that, we have the consumption of vitamin c and herbal products so that our bodies could build immunity.  Considering this today, we are here with several recipes in which you can…

  • How to store the coriander seeds
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    Want to store and know about the coriander seeds?

    Do you want to store and know about the coriander seeds? Then you must know these facts! Many of us (basically not us and our parents) store the seeds of coriander so that they can utilize it. The reason behind this is that coriander seeds are comparatively cheap, and also they offer us an assurance of purity. Eventually, we consume coriander powder regularly, and also used in more amount than other powdered spices. That’s why it’s very essential to follow up on the sentences as mentioned earlier if you want to save your health to some extent.  Howver, storing it could be a risky and tricky task as if you…


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