• Health benefits of ridge gourd
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    Ridge gourd (turai): Best vegetable for weight loss

    Ridge gourd is a water filled vegetable Ridge gourd is a squash-like vegetable belonging to the family of cucurbits. It has a nice green colour when fresh, and thus it cant be stored for a very long time. Eventually, it is a water-filled vegetable that offers a lean fit body to its eater. Also, at the same time, it has many other benefits which will be seeing today. Like other gourds, it also has white seeds in the middle along with the spongy flesh which melts in the mouth after its cooked. How to select the best piece and store it? While purchasing ridge gourd always keep in mind that…

  • health benefits of apple gourd
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    Some healthiness with the round apple gourd

    Benefits of round apple gourd for us Hello, apple gourd haters! Today I have come here, especially for you all why because I want to change your mind and I think I would be able to do that. Mostly the kids hate consuming green vegetables like gourd and reason is still known scientifically proven. Even I used to also not like green vegetables, but then after knowing them, my mind changed, and I started eating it. So without creating any more distractions, let’s focus on our today’s topic. A short description of apple gourd Apple gourd is a vegetable that belongs to the family of gourds which is also known…

  • Health benefits of eating armenian cucumber
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    Healthy facts about the crunchy Armenian cucumber

    Armenian cucumber is non-other than our favourite kakdi! By the name, you must be thinking about which Armenian vegetable is this. But don’t get confused its non-other than our favourite kakdi. Eventually, its a long vegetable that belongs to the cucurbit family and have a nice green colour. Armenian cucumber can be eaten raw as the source of fibre and water or can be cooked as a meal to enjoy with chapati.   Eventually, it has got its name because of the taste and slight resemblance of the cucumber. But the fact that differentiates Armenian cucumber from cucumber is that it’s not required to peel it and the colour is also…

  • Immune-boosting properties of Hazelnuts: Benefits
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    Immune-boosting properties of Hazelnuts: Benefits

    Hazelnuts also are known as filberts are a type of nut fruit. They came into limelight with the famous “Nutella spread”. In this blog “Immune-boosting properties of Hazelnuts: Benefits” we will know what are the benefits of this fruit. It is also known to have many nutritious benefits. Potential Benefits of Hazelnuts Vitamin-E 21% RDA Sodium 2mg Protein 15g Carbohydrates 23g Manganese 1.75mg Hazelnuts are rich in sources like Vitamin-E and manganese which makes it a great immune booster. Manganese present in the Hazelnuts plays a role in detoxifying your liver and brain. It is also important for healthy bone and brain health. High in fiber and has antioxidant properties.…

  • health benefits of red grapes
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    Red grapes: Best fruits that boost immune system

    Different colour of grapes available in the environment Every one of you must have seen and eaten the fresh red grapes as they are readily available in the market. Like the name says they are the red coloured grapes and many a time you can find them in the darker shade also. It is known that the darker the grape will be the more mesmerizing it will taste. Moreover, there are various varieties of grapes ranging from different colours such as:  Green grapes  Yellow grapes  Orange grapes  Black grapes  Pink grapes   Crimson grapes  History of red grapes: The cultivation of the red grapes started from the period of Egyptian soon…

  • health benefits of phalsa
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    All about Phalsa: The immune system booster fruit

    The textures of phalsa available in the market Phalsa is a small bead-shaped purple-colored berry fruit. Eventually, it has a seed in the middle, which could easily be chewed as it has a nutty texture. Ultimately, the fruit is too sour, which indicates that it has a high amount of vitamin c present in it. When the fruit gets half riped, then it has a purplish color. Whereas once it gets ripes fully, then it starts developing a pinkish shade with a sweeter taste. Thus you can enjoy two forms of it mainly:  The half raw which is sour (don’t forget to add some black salt)  The fully riped one…

  • mangosteen as a immune booster fruit
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    Mangosteen: A palatable fruit to increase immunity

    A short description of the mangosteen fruit Mangosteen is a Southeast Asian fruit with loads of benefits hidden inside it. Although the look and taste of this fruit are peculiar, it offers a way more healthiness. Interestingly due to its color, sometimes its also referred to as the purple mangosteen. This basically happens because of its beautiful color, which is a combination of purple and magenta. But the contrasting fact you can find with this fruit is its pulp, which is of white color.  The inner portion of the mangosteen resembles the joined slices of orange. Moreover, it’s easy to remove the mangosteen’s outer covering once it gets ripened, unlike its…

  • All about Chestnuts and its benefits
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    All about Chestnuts and its benefits

    What can Chestnuts do to our body Chestnuts are also called as “Vegetable meats” because of their meaty flavor. They are incredible in taste and can be relished by all ages. In India, chestnuts are not much used as there is no availability. But if you need to snack on something nutritious and delicious adding variety., you can try chestnuts. In this blog “All about Chestnuts and its benefits” we will know more about its benefits. Copper 0.447mg Vitamin-C 43mg Thiamin 0.238mg Pyridoxine 0.376mg Phosphorus 93mg Nutrition facts Chestnuts are good in many nutrients like Copper and Potassium. It serves as a perfect coolant for the body. It is also…

  • Jaggery for Immunity and Iron: Benefits
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    Jaggery for Immunity and Iron: Benefits

    Jaggery is a sweet ingredient created from sugarcane and palm trees. It is of various types like Palm Jaggery and Date jaggery. Jaggery is also high in nutrients and is known to be the best immune booster. It is also a natural sweetener and is a healthier option. In this blog “Jaggery for Immunity and Iron: Benefits” we will know more about Jaggery and its potential benefits. Potential Benefits and Nutrition Facts of Jaggery Iron 1.59mg Sodium 177mg Calcium 279mg Folate 7.2 ug Vitamin-C 9.4mg Nutrition facts Jaggery has many nutritive benefits. It is said to increase the total count of hemoglobin in the blood. It also provides proper nourishment…

  • clear fluid diet
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    CLEAR FLUID DIET: Liquid Diet.

    Clear fluid diet is recommended when you have acute illness or surgery procedure is done and there is no proper digestion of food. It is advisable to restrict the intake of food. This diet (clear fluid diet) is made up of clear liquids that leaves no residue, and it is non-gas forming , non-irritating and non-stimulating to diuretics action. This diet is entirely inadequate from nutritional stand point since it is deficient in protein, minerals, vitamins and calories. It should not be continued for more than 24-48 hours. The amount of fluid is usually restricted to 30-60 ml per hour at first, with gradually increasing amounts being given as the…

  • wood apple: a best immune booster fruit
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    Wood apple: The best fruit for immune booster

    The famous bael ka sharbat with wood apple Like its name, neither wood apple is wooden nor resembles the shape and texture of an apple, but then too, it has the title. That’s why to remember this fruit, don’t get confused with the name; remember your favorite Bael. In India, we consume wood apple in the form of sharbat, popularly known as bael ka sharbat. It acts as a nice refreshing drink, which also helps in strengthing our immune system in the hot days.  A short description of wood apple (Bael)  Wooden apple has a nice fibrous pulp, which is generally in the shade of orangish-yellow. Later, when it’s fully riped,…

  • Is Sparkling Water boon or a bane for Immunity
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    Is Sparkling Water boon or a bane for Immunity

    Sparkling Water for Immunity Sparkling water is the present trend in our country. It was first invented in the US and it took over a massive change in drinking habits. Sparkling water is water infused with carbon dioxide gas. It is also called Carbonated water. We already have many carbonated water brands like Club soda, etc. In this blog “Is Sparkling Water boon or a bane for Immunity” we will know more about Sparkling water. Sparkling water became trendy when people got bored of regular drinks to get hydrated. Carbonated water became an interesting option to stay hydrated. That is when it came into limelight. Sparkling water effects on Body…

  • alphonso the immune booster fruit
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    Why Alphonso is an immune booster fruit?

    Not only India, but the whole earth is filled with a diversity of everything, whether it be plants, fruits, etc. Each of them has there owned unique quality, which differentiates it from the prior one. Coming to Alphonso an Immune booster fruit although it’s not that common in India, then to some people prefer eating it.  Whereas in western countries the immune booster fruit – Alphonso, it is loved and eaten with fervour. The reason why the fruit is not eaten in India because it’s costly simultaneously; it also differs from the flavours. But then it also hides some exceptional quality inside it, which we are going to see today.…

  • Using Green Onions in our regular diet
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    Using Green Onions in our regular diet

    What can Green Onions do to our body: Nutritional facts Green Onions are similar to that of fennels. They have larger bulbs and have great flavor. They can be eaten raw or cooked. There are many types of green onions like Fennel, Chives, and bulb onions. Chives are the most commonly used Green onions. In this blog “Using Green Onions in our regular diet” we will know how green onions can be used to improve our overall health. vitamin C 18.8mg vitamin A 50mcg potassium 276mg sodium 16mg iron 1.48mg For more information see this. Green Onions are great for digestion. Incorporating green onions in our diet helps in boosting…

  • Uses of black stone flower
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    Black stone flower (kalpasi): A spice born for Nihari

    A pinch of black stone flower spice to the dish… The black stone flower is used as the spice in most of the Mughlai food, mainly nonveg. You can find the use of this spice mostly in Lucknow as it is Nawab’s city and is famous for this type of food. Every single kid born up in old Lucknow city is aware of this spice, including me. That’s why today, I am here to introduce one of the unique spice for the aroma.  Uses of black stone flower:   1) The black stone flower is used in making the Nihari  From the title itself, it must be clear to you that…

  • kewra water
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    Kewra: An essence to the word biryani

    Kewra is an special liquid added to the dishes Hello, all the nonveg and sweet lovers, today’s article is dedicated to you only who love to eat food. Without them, kewra has no existence as its generally used in these two categories of food. We have seen our mothers using two drops of a special liquid from our childhood, which when infused with the food, gave a beautiful aroma. These two drops were non-other than the kewra liquid; however, it can differ with the quality. But how that we will know further! An in-depth look into the aroma of kewra: Kewra is a form of essential oil extracted from the…

  • sodium salt advantages and disadvantages
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    Sodium salt: A spice without which no one could survive

    The need of the sodium salt in our body From primary classes, we have been listening to sodium salt value in our lives and that no food material can replace it. Why? Because it helps in carrying out the neural reactions in our body, and without it, we would be nothing. Eventually, our whole body is based on the neural response, and without them, a person is no different then paralysis and coma. That’s why it is always advised to consume an adequate amount of salt. From the above text, you must have analyzed what value this small particle has in our lives. Moreover, there are several salts present worldwide, and each has…

  • facts about sugarcane juice
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    Grab a glass of sugarcane juice for instant energy

    Sugarcane juice is the main source of jaggery From our childhood, we have been eating sugarcane either as juice or as a stem. Later, we get two-lifetime partners from it: sugar and jaggery, which is consumed by every second person. Well, you can’t ignore the fact that the byproduct of it i.e., jaggery, was one of the most consumed items before the manufacturing of sugar. Consequently, at the present time also you can find many old age people consuming jaggery or a fresh glass of sugarcane juice. A short description of the juicy stem I will not elaborate much about this stem as you must be well aware of it.…

  • Why You Should Not Forget Grapes in your diet
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    Why You Should Not Forget Grapes in your diet

    Potential Benefits of Grapes: Nutrition facts Grapes are a great immune booster and an excellent resource of nutrients. Since its nutrients and taste are widely known it is used in regular diets. In this blog “Why You Should Not Forget Grapes in your diet” we will know how grapes are beneficial to our body. Potassium 191 mg Magnesium 7 mg Vitamin-C 10.8 mg Copper 0.127 mg Vitamin-K 14.6 mg Nutrient facts Grapes contain many antioxidants known as Resveratrol which lowers high blood pressure and reduces the risk of developing blood clots. They also prevent heart diseases by lowering blood pressure. The malic acid in grapes reduces discoloration in teeth naturally.…

  • nutmeg vs mace spice
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    Are nutmeg and mace spice the same?

    About the nutmeg spice: Nutmeg is the spice that we extract from a plant’s seed, which then is dried and sent for commercial purposes. Eventually, you must have heard that nutmeg is used for extracting the butter and essential oils. It is also widely used as the Indian spice, and you can thus find its indulgence in many of the recipes. Like its name, it looks like a nut and is of light brownish color and brittle with its appearance and texture. Moreover, for Indian spice, it is sold whole, and many a time you can also find it in the powdered form. Unlike mace, it is mostly used to…


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