• nutmeg vs mace spice
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    Are nutmeg and mace spice the same?

    About the nutmeg spice: Nutmeg is the spice that we extract from a plant’s seed, which then is dried and sent for commercial purposes. Eventually, you must have heard that nutmeg is used for extracting the butter and essential oils. It is also widely used as the Indian spice, and you can thus find its indulgence in many of the recipes. Like its name, it looks like a nut and is of light brownish color and brittle with its appearance and texture. Moreover, for Indian spice, it is sold whole, and many a time you can also find it in the powdered form. Unlike mace, it is mostly used to…

  • health benefits of black sesame seeds
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    Healthy benefits of black sesame seeds

    The largest producers of black sesame seeds Black sesame is tiny black colored seeds that are collected from the flowers of the identically named tree. Generally, the plant is harvested for the seeds’ production, and none-other uses of the plant as such are known. Eventually, you can easily find sesame seeds anywhere, but India, Tanzania, Myanmar, and Sudan are the largest producer of this spice.  Quality of sesame seeds  There are few qualities which make this seed highly valuable for the considerable amount of cultivation:  1) The flavor of black sesame seeds This spice’s flavor is rich and earthy, along with a nutty texture with its every bite. Ultimately, the one…

  • Ashwagandha: A hub for healthy remedies
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    Ashwagandha: A hub for healthy remedies

    Ashwagandha is a vital source of herbal medicines Many of you must have heard the name of ashwagandha in herbal medicines and mostly in the Patanjali products. Eventually, there is a reason behind its position in the list of some of the world’s topmost herbs. Our India has always been famous being inheriting such herbs with generations like mulethi (licorice), dry ginger powder (saunth), and many more. It is grown in most parts of India, whereas it is also found in Africa. Generally, the root and the fruit portion of this plant are utilized to produce herbal medicines.  Additional fact: Do you know that after holding so many benefits with its every plant still, it doesn’t…

  • culinary uses of kokum
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    The culinary uses of kokum (Garcinia indica)

    The actual Kokum is the outer covering! Kokum is actually the outer covering of the original fruit used for hundreds of culinary purposes in India. Not only that, but this tree has also got its significance in the field of pharmaceutics and other industries commercially.  This spice’s perfect tangy taste is a healthy alternative for tamarind, amchur (dried mago powder), and lemon. Eventually, you can find much of its use in the 5 Indian states, mainly Goa, Maharashtra, Assam, Gujarat, and Karnataka.   What does kokum look like?  Kokum has a nice and rich deep red color, which could also be known as a rusty color. Eventually, it seems like the fruit’s peel…

  • different types of salads with great burnet
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    Different types of salads with Sanguisorba(Great burnet)

    Sanguisorba belongs to the family of roses Before eating great burnet, you should know about the herb plant burnet and then only you can consume it in your diet. Eventually, Sanguisorba belongs to the family of roses. Thus it has a lovely small several pinkish colour flowers on it. You can generally find this flower in the northern hemisphere as the climatic conditions for this plant are optimum there.   The uses of great burnet: Eventually, the taste and crunchiness of leaves are like cucumber, and that’s why its mainly used for preparing the salads. Another fact is that these leaves are dried and used for making tea. Also, at the…

  • astragalus benefits
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    Astragalus (Huang qi): A beautiful gift for our mothers

    A delicate way to impress your mothers with astragalus You must be thinking that how this small little astragalus herb can be so grateful for our mothers? So don’t worry, today I am going to answer this question only. Eventually, we cant define the true love of a mother in simple words. What we can do is to make her a little happier with each day. And many of you must know that impressing mothers is not a that complicated job, but this time we are gonna dedicate a beautiful gift for them. So let’s get started and learn about the gift in a more detailed form.  About the herb…

  • medicinal uses of arnica
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    The generous medicinal uses of Arnica

    A short description of the wild arnica species Arnica is a wild species of flower which eventually belongs to the family of sunflower, and thus it has also got a nice yellowish colour with its every petal. However, the orange colour can also be seen many times in the flower as according to the geographical location. Eventually, the size of the flowers is small; that’s the reason why it’s much loved by the insects. Therefore, you can find many species of insects wandering around the flowers. No certification for the benefits! Interestingly, there are numbers of uses of this flower in medicinal ways, but still, nothing certified is being mentioned…

  • various types of rice
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    How many types of rice do we have globally?

    A typical rice cooked everyday Ok! So I am going to take the example of a typical middle-class family who has to maintain their budget. Eventually, for them, there is a particular type of rice which is usually white and non-sticky that is purchased from the market.  So, let’s check how many types of rice do we have globally. The one you consume as regular white rice is generally referred to as Calrose and long-grain white rice. Eventually, there is one more type which is usually expensive but is nutritious for our health. That’s known as parboiled rice and its rich with vitamin B and the phosphorus content. Thus becoming a…

  • facts about oatbran
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    Oat bran: The healthiest part of the oat groat

    The role of oat bran for our body:  The ones who are suffering from any type of stomach problem, for example, constipation would be well versed with the role of fibre in their lives. Eventually for consuming it, you wither have to go through the consumption of vegetables and fruit. Else, you can have the additional supplement of it by consuming husk-like isabgol. Similarly, like isabgol oats bran is healthy for our body; however, it doesn’t end up only in stomach cleaning. Eventually, it has many essential nutrients present in it which makes it robust and nutritious for our body. But what are they? How they act beneficial for our…

  • rye
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    Rye: A multiusage crop for the humans

    Selfishness of human in developing resources Humans are so selfish that they are only concerned about developing the things which are of their use. Similarly, we have got so many hybrids out of the various crops to fulfil our needs. But some crops weren’t needed to be that modified. One such plant is rye which is a multiusage crop for the humans. But how and what are the properties of it which makes it so useful, let’s find them out.  About the rye crop:  Rye crop was amongst those plant species which were found out during early European civilization. Later it travelled to other western countries, and like this, it…

  • facts about einkorn
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    Einkorn wheat: The first grain to be cultivated on earth

    History of the einkorn grain We all know that our planet is diverse, and with time we have known about everything related to lifestyle. But did you know that einkorn was the first grain to be cultivated by humanity!. That’s entirely new for our generation as we are never told in such details about things. But you don’t have to bother about the food items as we are here to help you out with each. So let’s start our today’s journey and explore how it got its place among the list of food.  How einkorn came into existance?  If I am correct, then you must have guessed with the name…

  • triticale grain
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    Triticale: The hybrid of the rye and wheat

    What is triticale? You have already known by the heading that triticale is a hybrid which was given rise after keeping some significant concerns in our mind. Generally, we develop hybrids to look after some critical situation. Similarly, triticale was also created to help the people in need. Eventually, it helped in the wheat production on such lands where growing wheat and rye was impossible. Another factor is that it contains the richness of both the most essential food items. Thus, being healthy and at the same time providing the right nutrition to the people. The advantages and disadvantages of triticale: 1) Triticale for providing fodder We all are aware…

  • health benefits of tarragon
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    Tarragon: One amongst the finest herb of France

    France being famous for the herbs We all know that France is famous for its earthy flavours and authentic spice mixtures. From fishes to desserts, they have achieved excellence in every category of food. That’s why people love to explore more such herbs which make french famous all around the world. Eventually, there are many herbs which are used for enhancing the flavour of the recipes, but some are the finest ones without which you can’t get that flavour. One such herb in that authentic collection is tarragon and why it’s so let’s find that out.  A short description of tarragon  Tarragon belongs to the family of sunflower and is counted…

  • Simple and Healthy Recipes with Curd
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    Simple and Healthy Recipes with Curd

    Potential Benefits of Curd Most of our meals are incomplete without Curd. It is an active ingredient in Indian households. Active in many nutrients., it is considered one of the healthy daily ingredients. In this blog “Simple and Healthy Recipes with Curd,” we will know how curd can be incorporated in day to day life. Protein 6mg Calcium 12mg Potassium 4g Vitamin-B12 8mg magnesium 2mg Curd is a great immune booster. It is said to solve problems like improper digestion. It can also improve gut health. Curd can repair damaged skin cells and help in weight loss. There are many benefits to consuming curd daily. Recipes with Curd These easy…

  • facts about sage herb
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    Facts about the herb sage (Salvia officinalis)

    The herb as a simple ornamental plant Sage is a type of Mediterranian herb with loads of benefits inherited in it. Although the plants appear to be wild, it had a very fascinating medicinal and culinary history. However, time evolved, and people started to believe in quicker ways rather than herbal. Thus, the significance of this plant got lost, and now it’s treated as a simple ornamental plant. How does the sage plant look like? The herb has round-ended leaves which could differ in size with the species. Ultimately, in the present time, you can see several colours in leaves such as purple, cream, yellow etc. The colour of the…

  • facts about nasturtium
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    All about the herb Tropaeolum (nasturtium)

    Essentiality of herbs in our lives Herbs are essential for our health, and thus it’s necessary to know about them in detail. Eventually, the detailed knowledge of these plants helps us in knowing what would be the right choice to fulfil our needs. There are millions of herbs, including nasturtium present on our earth.  Among them, few are very important for our health. Some we have discussed earlier while today we are going to introduce a new one. Thus today we are going to know all about the herb Tropaeolum (nasturtium).  The history of nasturtium  The mentioning of nasturtium could be easily seen in many places, especially the book written…

  • Tasty and Easy Recipes with Sweet Corn
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    Tasty and Easy Recipes with Sweet Corn

    Sweet Corn Recipes Sweet Corn is mostly used as a snack. Its unique and sweet flavor made it popular. In this blog “Tasty and Easy Recipes with Sweet Corn,” we will know how to enjoy sweet corn. Sweet corn also has many nutrients that improve health and boost immunity. Here are few recipes with sweet corn to relish. thiamine 0.2mg iron 0.52mg magnesium 37mg potassium 270mg vitamin C 6.8mg SweetCorn Fritters Ingredients: sweetcorn flax seed(Ground) paprika Cumin salt  Plain flour Olive Oil Preparation: Simply combine all ingredients. Make them into fritters. Heat up olive oil in a pan. Add some mixture into the pan and press it flat. Fry on…

  • Immune boosting Recipes with Radish
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    Immune boosting Recipes with Radish

    Recipes with Radish Radish is the vegetable often used in making Curries, Soups, Sambar, etc. Not only these, but we can also make many tasty recipes with radish. In this blog., “Immune boosting Recipes with Radish” we will know more about how Radish is used to make delicious recipes without compromising health. sodium 39mg potassium 233mg phosphorus 20mg calcium 25mg Vitamin C 14.8mg Radish is known for its exotic nutrient properties. It is also known as a great immune booster. Here are few recipes made by Radish to relish. Creamy Cucumber Radish Salad Ingredients: cucumbers radishes green onions cottage cheese salt & pepper Preparation: Peel and half vegetables. Slice them…

  • facts about marjoram
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    Marjoram: A healthy substitute for oregano

    Why only marjoram and not any other herb? There is a reason behind choosing marjoram as an alternative become in some middle eastern countries people usually recognize it as oregano. Moreover, the taste of marjoram is also similar to the oregano along with various benefits. Thus, making it fit for settling in the Top 20 list of must-have herbs at your home.  How the world become aware of marjoram?  We have seen that behind spreading any food item among a civilization, there is a back role of a group of people. Similarly, in the case of marjorams, mainly Romans, Arabians and Medditerenian people consumed the herb. But as they conquered…

  • facts about lovage
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    Interesting culinary facts about the herb lovage

    A short description of the herb plant Lovage is a short height perennial plant whose every single part has some of the other users in the life of an individual. Eventually, this could be easily found in Europe as most people native to that country cultivate this herb for culinary purposes. Like some of the herbs, lovage also emits a lovely fragrance and is responsible for blooming yellow flowers.   How lovage became famous globally? European people utilize every single part as:  Leaves as herb  Seeds in the form of spice  Roots as a vegetable  By this, you must have recognized the value of this plant in the culinary uses for…


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