• Cottage cheese and dry fanugreek leaves recipe
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    Delicious paneer recipe with Dry fenugreek leaves

    How Dry fenugreek leaves impact our health? Fenugreek has a significant impact on our overall health; similarly, the fenugreek leaves also provide us with sufficient nutrients and health benefits. In Hindi, we usually know dry fenugreek leaves as Kasuri methi and its one of the spice readily used in the recipes. Whether it be simple potato or cottage cheese, it has the power to elevate its taste. Eventually, it’s loved because of its intense flavours and earthy aroma which could be easily obtained with a small pinch.   Additional tip: Do not add too much of dry fenugreek leaves in your dish as the flavour will turn out to be bitter and…

  • health benefits of pigeon pea for kids
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    Pigeon pea: The grain loved by the children

    Pigeon pea is loved because of its flavours! Mostly children and adults love to consume the pigeon pea because of its flavours. Interestingly the name of the grain is pigeon pea is because of the presence of spot on the top. Eventually, it resembles the eyes of the pigeon, and so it got its name as pigeon pea. Moreover, in Hindi, it’s known as arhar ki dal and has a nice yellow colour. As this grain is loved by every second person, that’s why it’s among the top cultivated grain in India.  How to elevate cooked pigeon pea?  For being cooked properly, it’s being boiled with the spices in a…

  • uses of indian long pepper for a woman
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    Indian long pepper: A herbal spice for a woman

    A short description of Indian long pepper As the name indicates, Indian long pepper is a spice that originated mainly in India. Eventually, it’s the fruit extracted from the plant which is later used for the production of medicine. It looks likes a more extended version of black pepper, and somewhat the taste also matches to it. Interestingly when it is not fully riped, then the colour of spice is pinkish-red. Moreover, it has a small thorn-like structure on its surface resembles black peppercorns. Like the name, it is of black colour and can be easily availed from the market. Moreover, it has intense and earthy flavours, thus making it more…

  • Ragi for Iron deficiency and Overall health
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    Ragi for Iron deficiency and Overall health

    Potential Benefits of Ragi Ragi or Finger millets are a wonder grain. They are inexpensive and offer a high nutritious value. Ragi is known to be actively used in Indian households. In this blog “Ragi for Iron deficiency and Overall health” we will know how Ragi can help with Immunity. Copper 0.47mg Calcium 344mg Iron 3.9mg Magnesium 137mg Phosphorus 283mg Nutrition facts Ragi is known to reduce the chances of Diabetes and other diseases. Due to its high iron content, it prevents Anaemia. It can also reduce the bad carbs and can maintain health. It also releases stress and reduces anxiety. Ragi is rich in protein and helps toddlers and…

  • tasty recipes with gum tragacanth (gond)
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    Amazingly delicious recipes with gum (tragacanth)

    How tragacanth is extracted? A tragacanth is a form of naturally occurring gum which is being extracted from the wooden sap of some leguminous plant. Eventually, it has a gel-like texture when fresh, and as it gets old, it starts to harden up. Moreover, the older will be the gum; the tastier it will be for a person to eat. That’s why it’s being dried up and crushed for being sold in the market. Eventually, there are several colours of orange base shade present in the gum. Thus some are yellow, some are orange, some dark brown etc. It could be easily availed from any nearer grocery store for culinary…

  • culinary uses and disadavantages of white pepper
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    Interesting facts about the white pepper

    White pepper is non other than the black pepper! White pepper is black pepper! Confused? Ok, so white pepper is a part of black pepper, but the only thing which is changed between them is the colour. Now the colour change is not due to the change in specie, but eventually, it is because of the removal of the outer covering. Ultimately, the outer layer of black pepper is removed by soaking and treating it mechanically. After this process, it gets ready for being used in the various recipes. Now the question arises that why we do that as we can use the black pepper also? Let’s find that out.  Why…

  • culinary uses of mint
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    Culinary uses of the mint herb

    Mint promotes the coolness in our body Mint is a green coloured herb which generally grows in the form of the short bunch just like cilantro. Eventually, this tiny herb contains a chemical compound which promotes the coolness and flavour in it. Thus it’s used in the recipes in various ways which we will see today.   Moreover, this plant is also used for the extraction of essential oils mainly peppermint for its aroma and strongness. Mint has a nice, earthy and robust flavour which could freshen up anybody’s mood even he is tired also.   Medicinal uses of the mint herb:   Mint is originally famous for two things, mainly flavour and its herbal properties which alter influenced…

  • Health benefits of ridge gourd
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    Ridge gourd (turai): Best vegetable for weight loss

    Ridge gourd is a water filled vegetable Ridge gourd is a squash-like vegetable belonging to the family of cucurbits. It has a nice green colour when fresh, and thus it cant be stored for a very long time. Eventually, it is a water-filled vegetable that offers a lean fit body to its eater. Also, at the same time, it has many other benefits which will be seeing today. Like other gourds, it also has white seeds in the middle along with the spongy flesh which melts in the mouth after its cooked. How to select the best piece and store it? While purchasing ridge gourd always keep in mind that…

  • health benefits of apple gourd
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    Some healthiness with the round apple gourd

    Benefits of round apple gourd for us Hello, apple gourd haters! Today I have come here, especially for you all why because I want to change your mind and I think I would be able to do that. Mostly the kids hate consuming green vegetables like gourd and reason is still known scientifically proven. Even I used to also not like green vegetables, but then after knowing them, my mind changed, and I started eating it. So without creating any more distractions, let’s focus on our today’s topic. A short description of apple gourd Apple gourd is a vegetable that belongs to the family of gourds which is also known…

  • Health benefits of eating armenian cucumber
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    Healthy facts about the crunchy Armenian cucumber

    Armenian cucumber is non-other than our favourite kakdi! By the name, you must be thinking about which Armenian vegetable is this. But don’t get confused its non-other than our favourite kakdi. Eventually, its a long vegetable that belongs to the cucurbit family and have a nice green colour. Armenian cucumber can be eaten raw as the source of fibre and water or can be cooked as a meal to enjoy with chapati.   Eventually, it has got its name because of the taste and slight resemblance of the cucumber. But the fact that differentiates Armenian cucumber from cucumber is that it’s not required to peel it and the colour is also…

  • health benefits of red grapes
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    Red grapes: Best fruits that boost immune system

    Different colour of grapes available in the environment Every one of you must have seen and eaten the fresh red grapes as they are readily available in the market. Like the name says they are the red coloured grapes and many a time you can find them in the darker shade also. It is known that the darker the grape will be the more mesmerizing it will taste. Moreover, there are various varieties of grapes ranging from different colours such as:  Green grapes  Yellow grapes  Orange grapes  Black grapes  Pink grapes   Crimson grapes  History of red grapes: The cultivation of the red grapes started from the period of Egyptian soon…

  • mangosteen as a immune booster fruit
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    Mangosteen: A palatable fruit to increase immunity

    A short description of the mangosteen fruit Mangosteen is a Southeast Asian fruit with loads of benefits hidden inside it. Although the look and taste of this fruit are peculiar, it offers a way more healthiness. Interestingly due to its color, sometimes its also referred to as the purple mangosteen. This basically happens because of its beautiful color, which is a combination of purple and magenta. But the contrasting fact you can find with this fruit is its pulp, which is of white color.  The inner portion of the mangosteen resembles the joined slices of orange. Moreover, it’s easy to remove the mangosteen’s outer covering once it gets ripened, unlike its…

  • wood apple: a best immune booster fruit
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    Wood apple: The best fruit for immune booster

    The famous bael ka sharbat with wood apple Like its name, neither wood apple is wooden nor resembles the shape and texture of an apple, but then too, it has the title. That’s why to remember this fruit, don’t get confused with the name; remember your favorite Bael. In India, we consume wood apple in the form of sharbat, popularly known as bael ka sharbat. It acts as a nice refreshing drink, which also helps in strengthing our immune system in the hot days.  A short description of wood apple (Bael)  Wooden apple has a nice fibrous pulp, which is generally in the shade of orangish-yellow. Later, when it’s fully riped,…

  • Uses of black stone flower
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    Black stone flower (kalpasi): A spice born for Nihari

    A pinch of black stone flower spice to the dish… The black stone flower is used as the spice in most of the Mughlai food, mainly nonveg. You can find the use of this spice mostly in Lucknow as it is Nawab’s city and is famous for this type of food. Every single kid born up in old Lucknow city is aware of this spice, including me. That’s why today, I am here to introduce one of the unique spice for the aroma.  Uses of black stone flower:   1) The black stone flower is used in making the Nihari  From the title itself, it must be clear to you that…

  • kewra water
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    Kewra: An essence to the word biryani

    Kewra is an special liquid added to the dishes Hello, all the nonveg and sweet lovers, today’s article is dedicated to you only who love to eat food. Without them, kewra has no existence as its generally used in these two categories of food. We have seen our mothers using two drops of a special liquid from our childhood, which when infused with the food, gave a beautiful aroma. These two drops were non-other than the kewra liquid; however, it can differ with the quality. But how that we will know further! An in-depth look into the aroma of kewra: Kewra is a form of essential oil extracted from the…

  • facts about sugarcane juice
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    Grab a glass of sugarcane juice for instant energy

    Sugarcane juice is the main source of jaggery From our childhood, we have been eating sugarcane either as juice or as a stem. Later, we get two-lifetime partners from it: sugar and jaggery, which is consumed by every second person. Well, you can’t ignore the fact that the byproduct of it i.e., jaggery, was one of the most consumed items before the manufacturing of sugar. Consequently, at the present time also you can find many old age people consuming jaggery or a fresh glass of sugarcane juice. A short description of the juicy stem I will not elaborate much about this stem as you must be well aware of it.…

  • nutmeg vs mace spice
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    Are nutmeg and mace spice the same?

    About the nutmeg spice: Nutmeg is the spice that we extract from a plant’s seed, which then is dried and sent for commercial purposes. Eventually, you must have heard that nutmeg is used for extracting the butter and essential oils. It is also widely used as the Indian spice, and you can thus find its indulgence in many of the recipes. Like its name, it looks like a nut and is of light brownish color and brittle with its appearance and texture. Moreover, for Indian spice, it is sold whole, and many a time you can also find it in the powdered form. Unlike mace, it is mostly used to…

  • health benefits of black sesame seeds
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    Healthy benefits of black sesame seeds

    The largest producers of black sesame seeds Black sesame is tiny black colored seeds that are collected from the flowers of the identically named tree. Generally, the plant is harvested for the seeds’ production, and none-other uses of the plant as such are known. Eventually, you can easily find sesame seeds anywhere, but India, Tanzania, Myanmar, and Sudan are the largest producer of this spice.  Quality of sesame seeds  There are few qualities which make this seed highly valuable for the considerable amount of cultivation:  1) The flavor of black sesame seeds This spice’s flavor is rich and earthy, along with a nutty texture with its every bite. Ultimately, the one…

  • Ashwagandha: A hub for healthy remedies
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    Ashwagandha: A hub for healthy remedies

    Ashwagandha is a vital source of herbal medicines Many of you must have heard the name of ashwagandha in herbal medicines and mostly in the Patanjali products. Eventually, there is a reason behind its position in the list of some of the world’s topmost herbs. Our India has always been famous being inheriting such herbs with generations like mulethi (licorice), dry ginger powder (saunth), and many more. It is grown in most parts of India, whereas it is also found in Africa. Generally, the root and the fruit portion of this plant are utilized to produce herbal medicines.  Additional fact: Do you know that after holding so many benefits with its every plant still, it doesn’t…

  • culinary uses of kokum
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    The culinary uses of kokum (Garcinia indica)

    The actual Kokum is the outer covering! Kokum is actually the outer covering of the original fruit used for hundreds of culinary purposes in India. Not only that, but this tree has also got its significance in the field of pharmaceutics and other industries commercially.  This spice’s perfect tangy taste is a healthy alternative for tamarind, amchur (dried mago powder), and lemon. Eventually, you can find much of its use in the 5 Indian states, mainly Goa, Maharashtra, Assam, Gujarat, and Karnataka.   What does kokum look like?  Kokum has a nice and rich deep red color, which could also be known as a rusty color. Eventually, it seems like the fruit’s peel…


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