• facts about lovage
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    Interesting culinary facts about the herb lovage

    A short description of the herb plant Lovage is a short height perennial plant whose every single part has some of the other users in the life of an individual. Eventually, this could be easily found in Europe as most people native to that country cultivate this herb for culinary purposes. Like some of the herbs, lovage also emits a lovely fragrance and is responsible for blooming yellow flowers.   How lovage became famous globally? European people utilize every single part as:  Leaves as herb  Seeds in the form of spice  Roots as a vegetable  By this, you must have recognized the value of this plant in the culinary uses for…

  • facts about chervil
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    Knowledgable facts about the herb chervil

    The native of parsley or coriander.  Chervil is a green coloured herb plant which is found mainly in North America and France. Sometimes, it’s known as the French parsley after being so famous in the French recipes. But still, you can avail it with the same name by the supermarkets. Like yarrow, there is no individual cultivation of this plant until we utilize it commercially. However, many people cultivate chervil as a kitchen garden herb to use it fresh in their recipes.  How did chervil spread among the global?  In ancient history, it mentioned that Romans played a significant role in spreading this herb throughout Europe. Eventually, this happened during the…

  • facts about yarrow
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    Some unknown facts about yarrow

    About the herb yarrow Yarrow is one of the most famous roadside plants which is used for grazing the cattle and other animals. Eventually, in the present era, yarrow isn’t known for much significance and therefore not utilized by the people much. Howver, in the ancient time or more precisely middle ages, yarrow was known for many great benefits. Traditionally this herb is utilized in western countries, especially Northern America and thus it has become famous from there. Description about the plant However, you will later come to know that Indians also uses them and for many purposes. Moreover, it’s a small heightened plant with a flower which mostly bloom…

  • health benefits of oregano
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    Oregano: A spice made famous by pizza and pasta

    A genius combination of oregano with pizza Generally, we recognise oregano And this is because we usually consume it with them and this habit is given to us by Pizza Hut and Dominoes. Some of them have got fond of it so much that they cant consume pizza without oregano. This wonder combination was a very genius thinking by a business-minded person. I guess I am deviating from my today’s topic and thus we shall focus on the oregano.  A short description of the oregano Oregano is a Mediterranean herb which has carried its part from last 1000 years, and people have generally used it as we utilise them today.…

  • catnip for cats
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    Catnip: An ancient herb adored by cats?

    Cats love playing with the catnip! Catnip is amongst those herbs which are loved by the cats so if you have a cat at your home then you should have this herb in your pot. It will help to enhance the mood of your cat, and she would love to play with it in all the possible ways. However, these symptoms are majorly present in the aged cats because of the full development of senses. But what’s the thing inside it which makes it so fascinating? The reason behind the cat love for catnip? Catnip has a type of essential oil which emits a smell, and due to that smell,…

  • Bay laurel
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    A ray of light on the herb Bay Laurel

    Bay laurel can be utilized as bay leaf? Bay Laurel is a green herb plant which is found mostly in the Mediterranean and Roman countries. Consequently, people living there utilise its leaves as bay leaf. Eventually, from this point, you must have analysed that it has a sweet and fresh aroma. However, that’s not the only use of the herbaceous plant. Thus it’s used in many other purposes including ornamental. If you want, then you can easily plant this short tree in your kitchen garden. As then, you would be able to extract the fresh leaves. The maximum length of this tree ranges from 7-18 m. Thus, it can be…

  • Benefits of Chamomile for your body
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    Benefits of Chamomile for your body

    Benefits of Chamomile for your body: nutrition facts Chamomile is mostly known for its Aromatherapy. Imagine yourself reaching home after a long hectic day. Suddenly, you find a calming odor in your room, maybe of Chamomile. How does it feel like? Anxiety and stress much reduced? Calmness in the soul & peace arriving at your spirit? So, along with this promoting relaxation, Chamomile has exquisite aromatherapy. In this blog “Benefits of Chamomile for your body” we will know more about Chamomile and its potential benefits. What most people don’t know is that Chamomile can be used in our food to promote health and well-being. sodium 1mg vitamin A 1mcg potassium…

  • Have you heard about green weed white goosefoot?
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    Have you heard about green weed white goosefoot?

    That’s a funny question that have you heard about green weed white goosefoot? As I know that you must have eaten it, using it and not only once but many times. Howver, you haven’t heard about this name? Have you? If no, then keep on reading, and in the end, you will smile at yourself only after learning the facts. So, lets began our journey with our today’s weed!!  Whats actually white goosefoot?  White goosefoot, also known as chenopodium album, is non-other than “bathua ka saag.“Now you must be like yes, I have heard that name before. Oh well, if you are a foreigner, then you should give it a…

  • Why should you use lemongrass?
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    Why should you use lemongrass?

    I know that you all must have seen and used lemongrass in the same or the other way. But still, there lefts a question about why you should use lemongrass? Lemongrass could be easily cultivated at your home and could be used for many purposes. Eventually, you can boil it with other herbs and consume a warm glass with an empty stomach. Or you can use it for cosmetic purposes as it’s a perfect herb for almost every purpose. Howver, that’s not the point for which we are here today. Consequently, we will know about its essential oil, which is high in demand for its magical effects. 1) Lemongrass has…

  • Health benefits of eating dill
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    Why should you include dill in your dishes?

    Hello pretty mothers, this is a question for you all: Why should you include dill in your dishes? Although we know that you include dill( heart) in your meal, but here we are talking about a nutritious herb with loads of magical properties. If you don’t have the answer, then it’s alright as you have us for it. How to use dill? Not only this herb, but also you can use the seed of this plant effortlessly in many dishes. It could be your top choice for dressing salads, soaps, or adding an uplifting flavor in your recipe. Eventually, its seeds are a treasure full of essential elements and nutrients…

  • cilantro; the sister of coriander
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    Cilantro: The twin sister of fresh green herb coriander

    In India, we generally use coriander, but in western counties, we have cilantro: the twin sister of fresh green herb coriander! You all must be experienced with the herb coriander, its taste, and many other factors about it. Similar to that, in cilantro, only the name is changed; the rest of all properties usually remain the same. Eventually, that’s why today we won’t be telling you much about its taste and all. Our today’s interaction is combined with various unknown factors that would help you. These factors won’t only work with coriander and cilantro, but also you can utilize it with any other green vegetables. Eventually, here we are taking…

  • do we know about calamint
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    Do we know about the traditional herb calamint?

    We all have a keen interest in developing our knowledge about various things present in our environment. But do we know about the traditional herb calamint? I am sure that you haven’t heard these facts yet!! Although calamint is referred to as a small weed plant generally belonging to the countries like Italy, America, etc. but it isn’t the one you consider it. Eventually, it’s a herb that is often consumed due to its magical properties that still hidden in the eyes of the maximum population. Could you imagine the fact that this small weed-like plant is a very famous culinary herb? In ancient history, mainly Rome, this herb was…

  • interesting and amusing facts about bayberry
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    Interesting and amusing facts about bayberry

    Do you know these exciting, interesting, and amusing facts about bayberry? If no, then you should read this to increase your knowledge!!  Bayberry is typically a form of herb plant that is native to the USA’s lands and the southern part. This plant has carried its way from generation due to its some of the fascinating medicinal properties. The primary purpose of this plant was to produce berry wax, which was extracted from its small berry shaped fruit. However, its use wasn’t limited to the berries; eventually, the whole plant was utilized in many ways. Lets now focus on the interesting facts which for which I am here with you today!!  1)…

  • Aralia: whether its bonsai or a different plant?
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    Aralia: whether its bonsai or a different plant?

    Do you love keeping plants in your room? Why not then try aralia? are you confused with whether it is bonsai or a different plant?  Aralia is basically a small heightened plant that could comfortably be settled in your room without giving in much effort. Eventually, it’s much like bonsai due to its appearance as it has twisted branches and small leaves. But I am sure with one thing that it could genuinely renovate your room with more freshness and relaxation.  What’s the color of the aralia plant?  If you are a lover of white and yellow color, then you surely have luck with this natural bonsai as it is available in…

  • benefits of curry leaves
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    Curry Leaves: Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts

    Curry leaves are native to India and also called by name sweet neem leaves, used in many dishes, curries and also as an herb in Ayurvedic. Curry Leaves Nutrition Facts The major nutrients in curry include; carbohydrates, fibres, phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, and copper. Curry leaves also contain vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, glycosides, plant sterols, and amino acids. Also, curry leaves contain almost no fat (0.1 g per 100 g). The nutritional values per 100 grams are: Energy – 108.000 K Cal Carbohydrates – 18.700 gm Moisture – 63.800 gm Fibre – 6.400 gm Protein – 6.100 gm Minerals – 4.000 gm Fat – 1.000 gm Riboflavin – 0.210 mg Niacin –…

  • Facts about angelica herbs
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    Have you heard about Angelica herbs?

    Have you heard about Angelica herbs? if no then you should click here now to explore more about them!! Angelica herbs are basically non-native to India and are found in counties like Iceland, Greenland, and Lapland. Moreover, China is known to be the largest exporter of this herb for the medicinal value. If you want to avail them, then just come to our site and click on:  https://www.agrovatika.com/blog/buy-immune-boosters-online-in-gurgaon/ You can find some of the best retailers from whom you can purchase all types of products whenever you want. Moreover, today we will focus on various benefits and medicinal properties hidden inside this herb.   1) Angelica herbs are best for getting…

  • Medicinal facts about curry leaves
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    Medicinal facts about curry leaves

    These interesting medicinal facts about curry leaves would surely amaze you! From sambhar to kadhi, curry leaves, or traditionally known as kadhi patta has made a place in our kitchen!!  Curry leaves were traditionally used in southern India first to provide an aromatic flavor to the food. But then due to its qualities, these levels traveled through many Asian countries and mainly India. Eventually, these leaves are used in many dishes to enhance their taste to another level. Howver many essential factors are also hidden in these leaves.  You all must have known this leaf for its aroma and flavors only, but many other significant benefits are hidden inside these…

  • Facts about bay leaf
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    Six unknown and interesting facts about the bay leaf

    Our today’s interaction is about six unknown and interesting facts about the bay leaf. It’s different from the ones that we have seen in the last few days. Eventually, our today’s spice is also contrasting as it carries a throne with it. Yes, a power through which it can enhance the taste of almost any type of dish, whether it be sweet, savory, spicy, tangy, etc. However, much introduction isn’t needed as you already have read out the name from the heading itself.  Also, we are damn sure that you know about it if you are a non-vegetarian. Whereas vegetarians should even recognize it as there are many dishes in…

  • tasty and time conserving chickpea salad
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    Tasty and time conserving chickpea salad

    Our today’s interaction is being inspired by the easy, tasty and time conserving chickpea salad!! Our beautiful population, which is very conscious of their health and follows a strict diet regime, should take care of their health. Today’s society needs these kinds of people who know what’s best for them. However, everyone knows that what’s correct and wrong; their tongue doesn’t participate in that protest. Eventually, that’s why they have to follow that junk diet even if they don’t want to( they want to, but they give themselves silly excuses).  One foremost thing is if you are concerned about your health, then, eventually, you shouldn’t look after various excuses related…

  • Herbs to boost Immune,  Immune Boosters

    Holy Basil for a Healthy Immunity

    Holy Basil has been used from ancient times to boost up the immune system or to cure many bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. It is commonly known by the name of tulsi. In today’s pollutant environment, people get easily prone to many infections and diseases, where tulsi has proven to be one of the best home remedies to cure such illnesses. According to Ayurveda science, tulsi is one of the best natural antibiotics that have many remarkable medicinal qualities. Let us take a brief on what is holy basil, it’s way to intake, its supplements, and how it boosts up our immunity? Holy Basil as Adaptogens Adaptogens are, the herbs or plants that are…


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