Calendula: A flower which rests on the bouquets

The regular calendula are known as pot marigold!

Calendula is a yellow colored flower (mostly but they could be of many other colors). Mostly this flower is found in the colder regions like North America and Europe.

But as we know, they are used for commercial purposes in India. Especially we Indians utilize it for decorating the bouquets. Eventually, the species which is used for this work is known as pot marigold.

Don’t get confused with the term marigold as it’s a different flower. But in ordinary language, Calendula is known to as the same.

You must be thinking that I mostly used to write on the crop plants or herb plants. Therefore, why I am writing on a common flower which doesn’t have any such use?. The answer is: it also has many herb purposes which are used in today’s world. Now don’t get shocked and read below to explore about them.

The herbal facts about the Calendula:

1) Calendula is used in the production of cosmetics and herbal products

Calendula is divided into many species; each species is being utilized in some of the other ways. Above also I have mentioned the one.

Similarly, there is a type called Calendula officinalis used for the manufacturing of herbal products. Also, due to its desirable characters in the works, it’s used in cosmetics production.

2) For treating small diseases

Although it wasn’t a certified medicine for treating the conditions, many people still used it to treat the illness. Eventually, the use was made in ancient times to treat toothaches, red eyes, fever, etc. Ultimately, in the present time also this flower has many health benefits for us.

Additional information: In the late 17th century, there was a man called Nicholas Culpeper, who studied this flower in deep. Later he found out that this flower could cure many of the heart diseases. But unfortunately, due to the lack of pure information and some facts, he couldn’t prove himself.

3) Calendula is used in culinary purposes

Interestingly this was the field which it got devoted to after being replaced from the medicines. Even in the present time, you can find its use in many sweet dishes like oatmeal, puddings, etc.

Not only this, but Calendula is also used for manufacturing the wine and other liquor products. Similarly, it’s used for preparing savory dishes like soups, proteins, dumplings, etc. In some places, you could even find it in the decoration as its edible when raw.

Additional information: This flower is also used as a coloring agent in many food items like liquor, soups, etc.

4) Used for preparing the dye

Due to its rich yellow colour, this flower was used to extract a rich yellow-coloured pigment. The extracted dye is then used commercially for dying purposes. Moreover, only the yellow colour is being known for the extraction of the shade. Therefore, if any other colour is taken from this flower. Then we would surely update you as soon as possible.

Therefore, these were some facts about the bouquet flower calendula. Now you know about many other uses it has for humans. If you want to read about more such a plant, then visit our website You can also follow us back on Facebook. As we usually have all the updates there waiting for you.

Anushka Singh: