Black stone flower (kalpasi): A spice born for Nihari

A pinch of black stone flower spice to the dish…

The black stone flower is used as the spice in most of the Mughlai food, mainly nonveg. You can find the use of this spice mostly in Lucknow as it is Nawab’s city and is famous for this type of food.

Every single kid born up in old Lucknow city is aware of this spice, including me. That’s why today, I am here to introduce one of the unique spice for the aroma.

Uses of black stone flower:

1) The black stone flower is used in making the Nihari

From the title itself, it must be clear to you that Nihari is the most common dish which utilizes kalpasi during its preparation. If you are not aware of the Nahari, it’s a typical Mughlai dish that takes a night to be prepared.

It is the blend of some of the most aromatic and earthy flavors which surely could make you its follower. Usually, you can find this dish being cooked in the Lucknow as we have a significant Muslim population here. Eventually, they follow such recipes as their tradition from the last few generations.

2) Used for making the Bombay biryani

Like the name, Bombay biryani is a type of rice dish that originated in Bombay, currently known as Mumbai. Again it has its own Bambaiya flavor and spices, which is shared amongst the people there. So if you are going to visit Bombay, you should definitely have a hand upon this dish as you won’t forget its taste.

3) For the preparation of Goat meat

Goat meat stew, commonly known as bakre ka salan, is a dish made with the delicious goat meat. It’s a blend of garam masala and all the earthy spices you have heard of in your life along with black rock flower.

Eventually, it could taste best with the nan (bread made with refined flour) or shirmal. Again this dish is a must-have, and you should definitely have its one bite if you want to have some excellent taste in your mouth.

4) The black stone flower is used for making fishes

Even in fishes, you can find the use of this spice as it goes perfect for elevating the gravy’s taste. Eventually, there are three types of fishes mainly:

  • Bhajiya
  • Fried
  • Gravy

So in these three types, the most common use of it is seen the gravy form. Therefore, if you are going to make fish this weekend, then do have this spice blended in your dish to get a new flavor.

How to find black stone flower spice in the market?

If you want to purchase this spice, then you can buy it with our website as we have got all the herbs, vegetables, grains, and needed grocery items. Secondly, you can purchase it from any online store as it is available easily. Whereas if you are trying to buy it from the market, you can avail it with the name East Indian bottle masala.

Therefore, this was about the black rock flower spice, which has its real bonding with the nonveg and many a time vegetarian dishes also. Thus, if you want to read about more such spices, then visit our website Also, don’t forget to look upon our Facebook pages as some latest updates are waiting for you there.

Anushka Singh: