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Astragalus (Huang qi): A beautiful gift for our mothers

A delicate way to impress your mothers with astragalus

You must be thinking that how this small little astragalus herb can be so grateful for our mothers? So don’t worry, today I am going to answer this question only. Eventually, we cant define the true love of a mother in simple words. What we can do is to make her a little happier with each day.

And many of you must know that impressing mothers is not a that complicated job, but this time we are gonna dedicate a beautiful gift for them. So let’s get started and learn about the gift in a more detailed form. 

About the herb Astragalus 

Astragalus is a beautiful magenta flowered wild plant which is generally used for many such medicinal purposes. Ultimately, you can easily find a vast amount of this plant present in the northern hemisphere like Northern America.

Astragalus: A beautiful gift for our mothers

Due to beautiful flowers, it’s being appreciated by our beautiful nature; thus butterflies and other larval insect lay their eggs here. Apart from them it generally resembles the legume family as it belongs to Fabaceae group. 

Why it is a gift for the mothers? 

1) Astragalus helps in providing them relief from the pain 

A particular type of oil is being extracted from this herb which then can be used for preparing the ointments, pain reliever oil and many other herbal medicines.

Thus, you can massage her tired hands and feet and give her love with warmth. Also, if you want, then you can apply the oil in her hairs and give her a nice soothing and sleepy massage. 

2) Astragalus is a boon for the lactating mothers 

During the phase of lactation, it’s necessary for quality milk production, and this requires a massive amount of energy, although it’s not visible. Meanwhile, some mothers are not able to properly lactate the baby due to some unfortunate consequences.

Astragalus: A beautiful gift for our mothers

For them, we have got a herbal remedy which is to consume the traditional paste of this herb. Eventually, you will also be healthy at the same time you would be able to provide your kid with expected nutrition. 

3) For a nourishing and moisturising soaps 

Every female wants nice and soft skin so that she could be recognised as “santoor mummy”. But on the other side, we all know that attaining glass skin is not that easy. Eventually, those two things are required: 

  • Good quality products 
  • A routine to follow every step 
  • A good amount of time

In a hurry to handle home, mothers forget about herself and get indulged in household work without even saying anything. Therefore, to surprise her, you can gift her a soup made of this herb. Believe me, she would surely love your gift! 

4) Gift her as an ornamental flower 

This could also be a fascinating use of this flower by gifting her a bouquet composed of this flower. They are friendly, beautiful and on top has a lovely aromatic smell, thus influencing the mind by every scent of it.

Astragalus: A beautiful gift for our mothers

Moreover, this could be a wonderful gift for her with some chocolates or only with a hug. 

Nutritional benefits 


Therefore, this was all about the herb Astragalus and if you want to read about more such herbs, then visit our website Also, you can follow us back on Facebook as we also regularly update the contents for our viewers there. 

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