Arrowroot: The best alternative for providing thickness and crunchiness!!

Suppose your gravy has turned out into being a blunder with that extra liquid texture. Then why not try putting in some arrowroot: The best alternative for providing thickness and crunchiness?!

Often we use cornflour and other starches like potatoes, etc., for an alternative to that thick gravy. Eventually, we can not forget the fact that pure flavors and advantages can only be gained from arrowroot powder. No starch can compete with its consistency, taste, and texture that it enriches the food. Although we have many alternatives, however, the best one is original, which everyone advises using arrowroot.

History and geography of arrowroot powder:

So basically, arrowroot is not an Indian product and is being extracted from the forests of Brazillian states. Consequently, its history dates back to the time when people started using it to provide a gravy texture to their food. Moreover, this powder is extracted from the roots of the plant, thus, having identical names.

Why do people prefer it mostly?

There are several reasons behind anything to be highly preferred by the people. Similarly, the arrowroot powder provides us with several benefits that can hardly be found in any other starch. In that list, we have distinct benefits like:

  • soy-free
  • nut-free
  • It’s gluten-free
  • It is dairy-free
  • Lastly, its corn free

All the things mentioned above can be allergic to some people. However, if it’s free from these things, then it could be helpful. Ultimately, it means it can be easily recommended to that allergic person.

Another benefit which makes it the top choice is that it doesn’t contain any type of flavour that means neither its sweet nor its savoury. That indicates towards the point that you can add its powder in any type of meals accordingly.

How can you blend the arrowroot powder into your dishes?

This depends on you whether you want to choose alternatives like cornflour starch and potato starch. Consequently, you are more into using arrowroot powder for providing that delicious consistency into your food. Eventually, here are several types of dishes in which you can blend arrowroot to provide thickness.

  • Coating for proteins like meat, fish and chicken
  • For making pancakes or simple cakes
  • For thickening gravies

Note: never use arrowroot powder with products having a cream base as results can be worse. It creates a lumpy texture, thus, destroying all your efforts in putting up that dish. However, it’s suitable for baking products like cookies, biscuits, etc. or for fried products.

Nutritional benefits


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Anushka Singh: