Are Sugars really bad for your health
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Are Sugars really bad for your health

Facts you need to know about Sugars

If you refer to any health article they state that Sugars are bad for your health. Sugar is the most avoided thing when it comes to diet. But is it good to remove Sugars permanently from your diet? Let’s know a few facts about Sugars.

Sugars are of two types: Natural Sugars, Artificial Sugars.

Natural Sugars are the sugars that are available naturally in fruits, Vegetables, and Milk. They are healthy and improves our Immunity.

Are Sugars really bad for your health

Artificial Sugars also known as Added Sugars are the unhealthy sugars that need to be avoided.

Refined white sugar (sucrose), brown sugar, honey, and syrups that are added to food are the focus of all those health studies. These added sugars are simple carbohydrates that provide little nutritional value and can cause spikes in blood glucose levels.

Therefore when coming to Immunity Added Sugars should be reduced for better health.

There are also a few benefits with Sugars

Glucose is the body’s primary source of fuel, and it comes from the breakdown of sugar. Without glucose, our body can’t have the required stamina to do work.

It should come as no surprise that sugar makes us happy. Sugar can reduce depression and can give good vibes.

Natural Sweeteners like Chocolate can improve your thinking ability. They uplift your mood instantly.

Therefore, not all sugars are bad.

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