Are nutmeg and mace spice the same?

About the nutmeg spice:

Nutmeg is the spice that we extract from a plant’s seed, which then is dried and sent for commercial purposes. Eventually, you must have heard that nutmeg is used for extracting the butter and essential oils. It is also widely used as the Indian spice, and you can thus find its indulgence in many of the recipes. Like its name, it looks like a nut and is of light brownish color and brittle with its appearance and texture.

Moreover, for Indian spice, it is sold whole, and many a time you can also find it in the powdered form. Unlike mace, it is mostly used to intensify the taste of the sweet dishes such as baked buns, biscuits, etc. However, you can also find its use to highlight savory dishes’ flavor and especially the proteins.

Additional tip: If you don’t like to mix the nutmeg powder in your dish, then you can use its essential oil in place. Eventually, it would give the same flower without any remains in the food.

The disadvantage of nutmeg:

1) Not safe for pregnant women

It’s known that the nutmeg has some chemical compounds which could lead to the abortion or miscarriage in the female. So if you are going through your happy times, then please avoid the consumption of nutmeg.

2) Don’t intake a large amount

A large amount or inadequate amount of anything could be harmful to a person, and thus it’s advised to have a regulated amount. Similarly, in this spice, you should avoid the extra intake of it as it could cause hallucinations and neural disorders.

About the mace spice:

The same fruit from which the nutmeg is extracted as the seed gives rise to the mace spice. Eventually, it’s the outer peel of the similar fruit from which we extract the nutmeg. Moreover, it’s of reddish-orange color and looks like a dried wooden peel. Lastly, you all must know that it has wide use in Indian spices.

Mace has a delicate, sweet, and earthy flavor; thus, a small amount of it can work best for your recipe. Mostly due to such flavors, it’s used in the preparation of the savory dishes. Similarly, in some places, you can find its use in preserving the pickles and in the sweet dishes.
The disadvantage of mace spice:

1) Mace spice causes hallucinations

Similar to the nutmeg, an excessive amount of mace could cause a person to suffer from hallucinations. Therefore, it’s advised to take an adequate amount of it and especially take care of the kids.

2) Mace spice affects heart

Mace is known for giving rise to disfunction in th heart, and thus a person suffers from an improper heartbeat. So if you are a heart patient, please don’t consume an excessive amount of mace as it could be deadly for you.

Nutritional benefits of mace spice


Therefore, these were the difference between the mace and nutmeg and also some disadvantages related to both. Please take care of your health during the crises as it’s you who can do everything for yourself.

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