tasty recipes with gum tragacanth (gond)
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Amazingly delicious recipes with gum (tragacanth)

How tragacanth is extracted?

A tragacanth is a form of naturally occurring gum which is being extracted from the wooden sap of some leguminous plant. Eventually, it has a gel-like texture when fresh, and as it gets old, it starts to harden up. Moreover, the older will be the gum; the tastier it will be for a person to eat. That’s why it’s being dried up and crushed for being sold in the market.

Eventually, there are several colours of orange base shade present in the gum. Thus some are yellow, some are orange, some dark brown etc. It could be easily availed from any nearer grocery store for culinary purposes.  

Additional information: Not only in culinary, but there are other industries also which utilizes this gum commercially. 

How to use tragacanth gum? 

Whenever you are purchasing the gum, then be assured of its quality and then buy it. Secondly, clean it with the help of hands and do not wash it if not needed.


As by washing the gum gets spoiled so if you are doing so then quickly spread it in the sun. Once dried then its ready for being fried on the medium heated oil. Again don’t overheat the oil as it gets burned quickly with the flame.  

Additional information: If you feel the size of the gum is more then crush it with the help of grinding stone to get the suitable size. 

Recipes with tragacanth: 

1) Gond ke ladoo 

Gond ke ladoo is one of the most eaten sweets on the festival of Diwali. Thus, if you want to celebrate Diwali with more taste, then surely try out this recipe for your family. 

2) Gond pak 

Gond pak is the perfect mixture of nuts and healthiness which you can provide to your family on sad days. The crunch of gum makes it tastier, so what are you waiting for?


3) Gond barfi 

Gond barfi is made from such flavours that get melted with it every bite in the mouth. So if you want to gift someone sweets, then this will be a perfect choice. 

4) Gond katira sharbat 

Gond katira sharbat is a refreshing drink which could enlighten your mood on a tiring day. Therefore, if you want to have a nice sharbat then go on with this one. 

5) Tragacanth rose milk 

Bored of having simple milk every day then try this gond rose milk recipe to freshen up your taste of milk. 

6) Gond dry fruit panjiri  

Its time to change the tradition of making simple wheat panjiri by trying some gond dry fruit panjiri. Believe me, this would be the best panjiri you would taste ever. 


7) Gond ka malida  

We all know that jaggery is good for our health, thus eating it only every day could be dull. Why not try this taste gond gur ka malida for enhancing your mood? 

8) Fried tragacanth with simple milk 

In winters its nourishing to consume fried tragacanth with milk as it provides you heat and immunity to fight the diseases. 

Now you have got to try so many new recipes with tragacanth in this pandemic and the upcoming festivals. Eventually, its time for you to impress your family and kids by showing off some inherited culinary skills. 

Nutritional benefits: 

Carbohydrate35 gFibre30 gHydrates5gSodium9g

Therefore, these were some culinary uses of tragacanth, and if you want to explore more such facts and recipes then visit our website Agrovatika.com. Also, don’t forget to follow us back on Facebook if you want to receive all the latest updates from us. 

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