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All about the herb Tropaeolum (nasturtium)

Essentiality of herbs in our lives

Herbs are essential for our health, and thus it’s necessary to know about them in detail. Eventually, the detailed knowledge of these plants helps us in knowing what would be the right choice to fulfil our needs. There are millions of herbs, including nasturtium present on our earth.

 Among them, few are very important for our health. Some we have discussed earlier while today we are going to introduce a new one. Thus today we are going to know all about the herb Tropaeolum (nasturtium). 

The history of nasturtium 

The mentioning of nasturtium could be easily seen in many places, especially the book written by Carl Linneus. Ultimately, it’s known that in the 1500s, there was a Spanish person who introduced this herb to the native people. 

All about the herb Tropaeolum (nasturtium)

Soon after that, people started utilizing every single part of it for fulfilling their various needs. Later, it travelled globally, and now this plant has achieved its commercial value for millions of people. 

How the nasturtium herb looks like? 

Like other herbs, it’s also green and bushy with wild grass look. In my opinion, the leaf of this plant is somewhat like that of lotus leaves, I.e., oval-shaped. However, it blooms a beautiful flower which has a mixed shade of yellow and orange sometimes red.

All about the herb Tropaeolum (nasturtium)

 Genuinely the flower has 5 petals and oval-shaped leaves which sometimes looks like a shield. Moreover, every part of this herb is being utilized by primarily its flowers are used for several culinary purposes. 

The benefits of these herbs: 

Till now, we have seen the structure and history of this plant. Let us now know how nasturtium is being used so that it could provide benefit to the people. 

1) For making the salad 

As mentioned earlier, people mainly consume the flowers of this herb because of its texture.

Eventually, it provides an excellent peppery uplifting taste to the dish, which helps in giving a savoury flavour. At the same time, it’s also crunchy, thus becoming the perfect choice for the salads. 

2) Nasturtium for treating urinary tract infection 

It’s known that there are certain chemical compounds which are present in leaves and flowers of this plant which if consumed, can maintain the vaginal health. Ultimately, for a woman, its very essential to keep the genital parts clean.

All about the herb Tropaeolum (nasturtium)

As many microbial diseases are wandering around the messy situation. Eventually, if it reaches to your uterus and harms it anyway, then it can, unfortunately, become an obstruction in pregnancy. 

3) Nasturtium for making a condiment 

This is locally practised in some countries where the seeds or unripened pods of this herb is used. Ultimately, it’s mixed with the vinegar; thus pickled for using it in the form of spice in many recipes. 

4) A special herbal medicine 

In Ayurveda, there is a herbal remedy which is purely made using this herb. Moreover, it’s a licensed work and seeing the legitimate use of the herb government also doesn’t deny the use.

Thus, the medicine is prepared purely with the help of Horseradish and nasturtium. 

Nutritional benefits 


Therefore, these were some common uses and facts about the nasturtium and if you want to read more such points, then visit our site Agrovatika.com. Else, you can also have a look upon our Facebook page to receive all the latest updates. 

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