All about Phalsa: The immune system booster fruit

The textures of phalsa available in the market

Phalsa is a small bead-shaped purple-colored berry fruit. Eventually, it has a seed in the middle, which could easily be chewed as it has a nutty texture. Ultimately, the fruit is too sour, which indicates that it has a high amount of vitamin c present in it.

When the fruit gets half riped, then it has a purplish color. Whereas once it gets ripes fully, then it starts developing a pinkish shade with a sweeter taste. Thus you can enjoy two forms of it mainly:

  • The half raw which is sour (don’t forget to add some black salt)
  • The fully riped one which has a sweet taste ( in this also you can add salt if you want)

Culinary uses of phalsa:

1) Used while preparing baked goods

It is often added in the baked goods as a berry to give an excellent taste and color. Therefore, if you want, you can also use it to elevate your dish.

2) Add phalsa in the salads

Due to its tanginess, phalsa is added in the salads also as this fruit is edible when raw. Thus, if you want to have something healthy after a long day or gym, then go with this recipe.

3) Eat phalsa as raw

Even I also love this option because it tastes best when eaten raw. Likewise, several other berries can be enjoyed raw like Jamun, raspberries, blueberries, etc. Thus, if you want to treat yourself with natural sugar and fiber, then prepare a fruit salad for yourself as a meal.

4) Eat it with the yogurt

Either you can make a smoothie with it, or else you can have it with oats and yogurt as it would also be a healthy option for you. Again, this alternative will help you be full for a more extended period. Thus acting as a perfect breakfast meal for your busy schedule.

Health benefits of phalsa:

1) Phalsa helps to provide coolness to the body; that’s why it is a perfect fruit to have in the summers. Thus if you want to relive yourself from the heat and stress, then try making phalsa sharbat with it or eat it raw.

2) This fruit has a fair amount of vitamin a present in it, thus regulating the amount of blood in our body. Also, it helps individuals suffering from blood deficiency diseases like anemia, etc.

Additional tip: Those women or girls going through menstruation should consume this fruit as it will help to balance the period flow.

3) Phalsa has the power to remove all the pain from the joints; thus, it is suitable for removing the joint pain. This remedy is good for the old age people or people suffering from any type of bone injury or cramps.

4) Phalsa helps in treating respiratory issues naturally like asthma and bronchitis. However, this point is to be taken care of that dont consume excessive amounts of it. Eventually, it could turn into tonsilitis and could harm you more.

Nutritional benefits:

Carbohydrates21.1gProtein1.6 gFibre5.53gPotassium372mgCalcium136mg

Therefore, these were some culinary and health benefits of eating the immune system booster fruit phalsa. I am sure that now you would include these small fruits in your diet.

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