Achiote: The perfect condiment for color and flavor
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Achiote: The perfect condiment for colour and flavour

The famous mexican spice

It is one of the most popular Mexican peppery flavour spice which is used for many purposes. The achiote pods are also known as annatto seeds in common language among the Mediterranean and Caribbean countries.

How is achiote extracted?

Achiote is extracted from the flowers of a tree, which is mainly known for growing this condiment. Eventually, the flowers are of bright red or scarlet color and somewhat look like wild roses. Although they have kind of a hairy texture and seems very beautiful while having a closure view.

Achiote: The perfect condiment for colour and flavour

Eventually, this flower ripes to produce a fruit inside which approx 50 seeds can be seen at a time. Similarly, the pods are dried, and seeds are extracted for culinary purposes.

What’s the appearance of achiote seeds?

This seed is approx 5 mm long and bears a pyramidal or triangular shape. Eventually, when the pods are correctly dried, then they seem to have a red oxide color. Moreover, for using the seeds, we cut it cut into half revealing a reddish powder that could give identical color to your hand. Eventually, the seed has a white center but is dusty; that’s why if you want to protect your hand, wear a glove, or handle it with care.

What’s the taste of this spice?

The achiote seeds are basically known for their peppery flavor and a pleasant sweetness in its smell. Similarly, it could provide beautiful red color to your dish

Achiote: The perfect condiment for colour and flavour

that’s why its coating is used for manufacturing the edible pigment. After sometimes, it starts emitting flavor like an old peppermint, but it never loses its earthy and mild taste.

The uses of achiote seeds in culinary purposes

1) In Asian countries

The primary use of achiote seeds is seen in China, where they generally use to provide color with the seeds’ help. Typically, they use it for coloring the various meat for storing purposes or provide red shade to the rice. But the use is not limited here; they even use its taste and color in multiple dishes.

2) In Mexico

The utilization of this condiment in Mexico is worldwide, and you can say that it’s mostly used there.

Achiote: The perfect condiment for colour and flavour

Consequently, they use it to make the traditional paste, which is known as achiote paste. This paste is used for sauces, tacos, stews, etc.

3) In Jamaica and the Philippines

These two countries utilize this seed for giving a peppery flavor and color to the chicken dishes. Ultimately, the roasted chicken is very famous amongst the people there. Moreover, some people prefer using it in the form of paste for marinating the dishes.

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Therefore, these were some facts about achiote, and I hope you will remember them when you encounter this condiment. Moreover, don’t forget to have a look at our Facebook page. Also, quickly check our website as we have got some helpful content for you.

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