Acerola: A cherry but not a true one?
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Acerola: A cherry but not a true one?

A perishable hub of vitamin c

Acerola, also known as cherry, looks like a small cherry tomato and can be grown quickly in our kitchen garden. Mind it if you like the taste of fresh fruits; then you need to grow acerola at your home as it has a perishable nature.

These cherries are mostly famous in Mexico and also the southern Caribbean. Eventually, it’s known to have a vital source of vitamin c and, along with that, the essential elements for our body. This small cherry fruit has a sweet, tangy taste when fully riped.

Why acerola is not a cherry?

We all know that cherries are small fruits that have a significant role in our immune system. But when we talk about acerola, they have a substantial role in medicinal purposes. That’s why they aren’t considered as cheery alone. Moreover, we will be looking over the medicinal uses that this small fruit provides to the industry.

1) Acerola used for making creams

Acerola: A cherry but not a true one?

This cherry is known to play the role of astringent, which is very good and healthy for our skin. Thus it’s used for preparing many face creams on an industrial basis. Moreover, the considerable amount of vitamin c present in it helps to enhance the look and texture of our skin. That’s why its mostly preferred by the people on a broader range.

2) Acerola has antifungal properties

Antifungal medicines are of the top-notch use as many unavoidable fungal dermal diseases are ubiquitous. Thus someday, you all have to suffer through any form of fungal infection, causing pain, inflammation, itching, and redness. To play a role in protecting you from this comes the antifungal creams. And among the ingredients for manufacturing them, we have one part of acerola also.

3) Improves the athletic endurance

Athletic endurance plays a significant role for most of the population as they need supplements to boost their overall working procedures. Whether we are an athlete or we even go to the gym, then too, we require such supplements, which can increase our energy. For that purpose, this cherry is used to play an imperative role in strengthening our body.

4) Acerola for fighting stomach illness

Acerola: A cherry but not a true one?

Another most crucial factor which is hidden inside this cherry is the presence of disease treating properties. Thus, it can be used for neural stress also, but at the same time, it plays a crucial role in treating stomach illness. People suffering from any type of problems like constipation, dysentery, or gas can consume this cherry.

Nutritional benefits:

vitamin C160mgsodium3mgpotassium97mgvitamin A25mcgIron0.5mg

Therefore, these were some medicinal roles of acerola cherry. If you like them, then share your opinions with us. Also, don’t forget to have a look at our website And if you aren’t comfortable with that, then you can also visit our Facebook page.

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