Bay laurel
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A ray of light on the herb Bay Laurel

Bay laurel can be utilized as bay leaf?

Bay Laurel is a green herb plant which is found mostly in the Mediterranean and Roman countries. Consequently, people living there utilise its leaves as bay leaf. Eventually, from this point, you must have analysed that it has a sweet and fresh aroma. However, that’s not the only use of the herbaceous plant. Thus it’s used in many other purposes including ornamental.

If you want, then you can easily plant this short tree in your kitchen garden. As then, you would be able to extract the fresh leaves. The maximum length of this tree ranges from 7-18 m. Thus, it can be easily managed with the help of gardening methods. Else, if you don’t have an open place to plant the Bay Laurel tree, then you can simply have its miniature form in your pots.

Culinary uses of Bay laurel:

1) You can store Bay laurel for up to a year

If you want to have a stock of this leaf, then we recommend you to plant it else you can also purchase some from the market and store safely. Don’t forget to store it in an airtight jar which is kept under a cool place as it would affect the shelf life directly.

2) You can use it whole or ground

Bay laurel can be easily consumed in any form you want, and thus we have 2 ways mentioned here. Generally, the whole portion goes into many savoury dishes. However, it’s being removed before serving the dish similar to the bay leaves.

A ray of light on the herb Bay Laurel

Although, you can chop it and use it as the garnish also as there is no issue while digesting it. Moreover, you can also have the powdered version of this herb which can be used in porridges, stews, soaps and like seasoning.

3) The bark of bay laurel can be used for smoky flavour

Can you imagine that not only the leaves but also the woody portion, I.e., the bark of this herb is used for culinary purposes. Ultimately, it’s been burnt for giving rise to a smoky flavour in many of the dishes.

So if you are having one at your home, then you can, fortunately, use the bark for showing off your skills. This can be one of the best alternatives when you don’t want to use leaves in your dish.

4) The fruits of the bay laurel contain oils

Oils are of great use in many purposes whether it be hairs, message, cooking and many more. Howver, they are the concentrated part of the plant so could be harmful when used as the direct contact.

A ray of light on the herb Bay Laurel

But when we talk about the oil extracted from the fruit of this plant then believe me they are the best thing you can have. Just like mustard seeds, you can get the oil out of the pods of this plant. After that, use it for the purposes the way you want or as mentioned above.

Nutritional benefits:

sodium23mgpotassium529mgzinc3.7mgvitamin C46.5mgmagnesium120mgl

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