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A ray of light on the ancient grain Farro

How barley and farro differ from each other?

Farro is mostly like the barley, I.e., it’s a whole grain with a nutty flavour, but what makes it differ from it is its size. Eventually, this grain is quite long in size as compared to the barley. Whereas taste is almost the same so you can interchange them every time you want.

Moreover, the texture of this grain is also like barley; thus, it’s chewy and soft. So many similarities definitely give the reason why they both are considered the same. After encountering with a quick introduction, let us have a look upon some interesting facts which would astonish you.

The culinary facts about farro: 

1) Farro is not a perfect match with gluten free diet 

Farro contains a considereable amount of gluten in it so if you are avoiding gluten or are alergic to it then you should forget about this grain.

A ray of light on the ancient grain Farro

Instead you can use other grains like Buckwheat and amaranth as they would be a healthy alternative for you. 

2) Farro could be added to stews and soups 

Since its texture similar to the barley, that’s why you could add it to your liquid-based diet, as this would help you to make it dense at the same time, it will also keep you full for a long time. Also, the amount of fibre present in will wisely take care of your guts. 

3) A right choice for the cold salad 

Looking for a grain which could suit your salads, then definitely you should have a look upon this grain as this could the right choice for you.

A ray of light on the ancient grain Farro

Eventually, you can just boil it and mix it with some lettuce, lemon juice, shrimps or whatever way you want to enjoy it. 

4) Replace potato with farro while making patties 

Consuming deep fried potato could be very caloric thus becoming a red sign for your and your children health. Considering this you should look after for some healthy alternatives for cooking such heavy food items. Eventually for that you can replace farro instead of adding potatoes in it. 

5) Experimenting with the textures of Farro 

The ones who love to explore new things and want to try something new with their culinary skills we have got a piece of good news for you. Eventually, there are three types of Farro which you could avail from the market: 

A ray of light on the ancient grain Farro
  • Pearled farro 
  • Semi pearled farro 
  • Whole grain farro 

Now you could surely use these three types to innovate your dishes and likewise impress your family and kids. 

Nutritional benefits: 

sodium4mgprotein11.62gvitamin A2mcgcalcium27mgpotassium366mg

Therefore, these were some knowledgable facts about farro, if you like them then don’t forget to comment on your views. Also, have a quick look upon our Facebook page and website Agrovatika.com as we have got some latest stuff there for you. 

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