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A medium spiced dish with chipotle powder

What is chipotle powder? 

Chipotle powder is a smoked and dried version of jalapeno chilli which is generally used for spicy cooking. Moreover, in various western countries, this chilli is used to fire up the dishes and especially in Texas. It’s one of the most famous chilli powder used by the Mexican people. Therefore, you must have recognized the density of this Mexican chilli.

So get ready to spice up your tongue cause we have got some fantastic facts which would be loved by chilli lovers. Whether it be meat or any other savoury dish, you can add a pinch of it and see the spicy wonders it provides to your recipe. However, clearing of the hype for some, it must be delicious, but for the used people it’s a medium spiced chilli. 

1) There are various varieties of chipotle  

Due to its increases use, the manufactures have developed multiple versions of this spice that have different textures according to the dishes. So now you have got the choice between: 

A medium spiced dish with chipotle powder
  • Chipotle flakes 
  • Canned chipotles 
  • Wet chipotle meat marinade 
  • Chipotle powder 
  • Chipotle pods 
  • Concentrated chipotles base 

After knowing the names its time now for you to go out and explore the texture of your choice. Similarly, prepare the dish for your family, friends or even for treating yourself with care. 

2) You can use chipotle powder for making salsa 

Chiptole powder could be added in salsa to spice it up with some more heat. Similarly, you can add it while preparing the salads, mainly in protein salads. As it will help to elevate the taste of the protein to another level. Also, if you want, then you can dress your salad with this powder but avoid if you have any stomach problems. 

3) You can use chipotle powder for preparing marinade 

This spice would be the best choice for preparing a spicy marinade for your proteins, especially for making grilled chicken. As it would help it to provide a firey taste so you can invent something like fiery chicken in KFC.

A medium spiced dish with chipotle powder

Otherwise, you can try to make chicken tandoori if planning for having something grilled. 

4) Never overcook the spice 

It’s known that when this spice is overcooked, then the tastes gradually changes to bitter, which can destroy your whole dish. That’s why you shouldn’t overcook the dish having this spice or else you can add it at the end also. Generally, the second alternative is used, and people add it to the recipes, which are half cooked. 

5) Make chilli sauce with chipotle powder

This could be the best choice when you dont want to work on weekends. Just prepare a paste and then add it to the sandwiches, mayonnaise etc. and enjoy with your family.

A medium spiced dish with chipotle powder

If you want, then you can store this sauce for future purposes. But dont store this for the long term as it could get contaminated or can cause food poisoning.

Nutritional benefits: 

sodium1010mgpotassium1916mgprotein12.3mgphosphorus303mgvitamin C64.1mg

Therefore these were some culinary benefits of chipotle powder and thus if you want to explore more then visit our website Agrovatika.com. Else you can follow us back on Facebook as we have all the updates there also. 

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